How can I find out what my home is worth? How much will I have to pay to find out?

Finding out the value of your home is relatively easy and it doesn't cost a penny! Most Realtors will be happy to give you a "No Obligation" Comparative Market Analysis of your home.

First, call a Realtor and explain that you are just trying to find out the value of your home and would like a "Free Market Analysis." The Real Estate Agent will make an appointment to go through your home with you, taking notes as he or she goes through.

After the initial visit, the agent will compile information on houses that have sold in your neighborhood in the past six months that are similar to yours with regard to age, square footage, condition, etc.

Another visit will be set up with you, the homeowner, at which time the Realtor will sit down with you and go over the comparable properties as well as any market conditions that could affect the price. A range of values would be presented to you for consideration, depending on your individual needs.

At that visit, the Realtor will also give you an estimate of the costs that are involved in selling your home: the Real Estate Commission, the 1 percent Transfer Tax and the miscellaneous minor expenses incurred.

In this market, I find that most sellers are pleasantly surprised to learn that their home is worth much more than they ever imagined!


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