Web sites have become excellent communication tools for businesses.

Even smaller companies have discovered the value of displaying their products or services to customers and prospects across town, across the country, and even globally.

If you think your company doesn't need one, just remember - most, if not all, of your competitors are already reaping the benefits of their Web site, and their sites are being seen by your customers and prospects.

Once your Web site is up and running, be sure to include a section for public relations. Many companies create a link on the site entitled "Press Room," or "Media Relations." Whereas the other sections of your site can be used to promote your products, your services and your people, the PR section (or "page") allows you to give the news about your company.

The PR page will be of interest to the editors of newspapers and magazines, as well as to the news producers and editors of the broadcast media - television and radio.

It will also be of interest to such groups as stockholders and prospective stockholders (if your company is publicly held), your customers and potential customers, and even your own employees. Basically anyone who is interested in the news about your company will be attracted to the PR page of your Web site.

Materials that should be included on the PR page include recent press releases, customer case studies, photo captions of recent company events, and any newsworthy information about your products and services.

Some examples would include the introduction of any new products, the opening of a new facility, expansion into new markets, the hiring of new employees, and involvements with community charities and civic associations.

The PR page should also give visitors to your Web site the names, phone numbers and email addresses of public relations contact people, whether they are employees of the company, or an outside PR firm.

If your company is publicly traded, the contact information of your Investor Relations person should also be listed.

So if you want to be sure the important news about your company is getting out to the marketplace, add a PR page to your Web site.


Joe Greenwald is the president of Greenwald Communications Associates, Limerick. You can send e-mail to joe@greenwaldcomm.com or visit the Web site: www.greenwaldcomm.com

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