,Environmentally friendly and "going green" are key phrases used everyday from the U.S. Presidential candidates to the evening news.

"Green cleaning" can be defined as a trend away from chemically-reactive and toxic cleaning products which contain various toxic chemicals some of which emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) causing respiratory problems.

Did you know that our indoor air quality is sometimes much worse than the air outside? Since most of our days are spent indoors either at work or at school, using "green" cleaning products is the way to go; they help create safer working conditions as well as create a healthier environment for future generations.

"Green" can also refer to the way the products are manufactured, packaged and distributed. Words like biodegradable, eco-friendly, and recycled are seen more often now on packaging.

Green cleaning requirements vary from state to state but many state-owned buildings are now mandated to be green buildings and it is only a matter of time before other buildings are also required to do the same. Many facilities have already started the process especially schools and the health care industry; people with the weakest immune systems, and therefore affected the most by the toxic chemicals, are the young and elderly or those that are ill.

When people think of "green cleaning" chemicals, perhaps they think of a higher cost than other products. This was true years ago but as more and more people are demanding the eco-friendly products, people are seeing companies lowering their price.

Green products do not just include cleaning chemicals, but also paper towels and bath tissue, hand soaps, entranceway matting, Microfiber mops and cloths, cleaning equipment, and automatic faucets, flush valves and soap dispensers.

Penn Valley Chemical, a full-line janitorial company since 1970, is located in Lansdale. Penn Valley's product lines include Bay West and Georgia Pacific paper, GoJo and ProLink soaps, Johnson Wax and Spartan Chemical, Rubbermaid, and Noble equipment, to name a few. Penn Valley also carries "green" products in each of those categories and will provide a Free audit at your facility to assist in the "going green" process. To learn more about green cleaning, please feel free to visit Penn Valley Chemical's website at www.pennvalley.com, send an e-mail to sales@pennvalley.com, or call us at 1-877-782-1878.

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