Saoirse Ronan grateful for parents' protection Content Exchange

Saoirse Ronan's parents "never left her on her own for a second" when she was going to auditions or meetings as a young actress.

The 'Lady Bird' star was chaperoned by her mother or father everywhere when she was a young actress and she is grateful to have had their protection as it meant she was never "exposed" to the dark side of Hollywood.

She said: "I was never left on my own for a second. I was meeting a male director once and he wanted me to come on my own and my mother was just, 'No! No! That is not happening. Never!' And so I was never exposed to that, even though I was not unaware of it. We were all aware that 'things' were going on. But you'd hear the stories and people's automatic assumption was, 'Oh she'd do anything to get a job.' And it's so interesting to see how our perception of the same story has changed."

And the 24-year-old actress says that once she turned 18, there was very limited roles out there for her.

Speaking to The Times newspaper's Saturday Review, she added: "The good roles dry up for women at 18. [There's a strange time when] girls are not children yet not women, they're something else. And for some reason people can't get their heads around that. She was right. There was literally nothing out there apart from the girlfriend, the sister or the daughter."

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