WEST CHESTER — Since 2009, Capacity for Change, a West Chester-based consulting firm that works with public, philanthropic and nonprofit organizations on their strategy and culture, has hosted an annual Summer Camp for nonprofit Board and staff leaders each year at Temenos Retreat Center.

Founders Meghan McVety and Jason Alexander, along with their two sons and McVety’s mother, donate their time and bring in knowledgeable colleaguesto share lessons and insights to support the work of organizations making a positive impacton Chester County communities.

This year, the 12th Annual Summer Camp for Chester County Nonprofits will take place as a virtual event from 9:30 – 11:30 on Thursday, July16, 2020. This year’s theme is Fuel for Recovery and Adaptation.

“Over the years, we’ve built a community of nonprofits, and we need that community now more than ever,” said McVety. “Many of us are working and living online, and we’re intent on making the most of it with an interactive morning full of surprises.”

Each participant will receive a 2020 Summer Camp Kit by mail prior to the day. Participants will be asked to wait until that morning to open the kit, which will contain exercises and materials to maximize participation. In addition, two participating organizations will receive grants on the day of the camp: $1,000 to support capacity building and $1,000 for the Meredith Award for Loving Connections. Participants apply for a grant when registering to attend.

Russell Johnson, President & CEO of HealthSpark Foundation, will offer the keynote presentation. He will draw on his decades of experience as a social worker and innovative philanthropic leader to reflect on the state of the nonprofit sector and what may lie ahead.

Nonprofit Board members and staff may sign-up for this free, fun, and meaningful morning event by visiting www.capacityforchange.com.

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