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Spring-Ford students donate boxes of food, clothes and books to soup kitchen

By Courtesy of Spring-Ford Area School District

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spring-Ford Area School District 6th grade reading teacher Kate Gullo was unprepared for the response her students gave when she suggested they donate activity books to a local soup kitchen.

The 5-6 Grade Center students responded by not only making activity books, but collecting boxes of food, clothes and books for the St. John Church soup kitchen in Norristown, which were delivered Dec. 21.

“The students have surprised me with their generosity,” Gullo said. “My original idea was just for the activity books, but they wanted to do more. It was amazing to see how a classroom activity on social awareness became so much more. The students really ran with this idea.”

This is the first year Gullo has put this drive together, but she said her class has already asked to do another in the spring. In total, the 52 students in her homeroom and switch class, led by co-teacher Mike Fickert, made over 50 activity books and collected dozens of non-perishable food products, clothing of all sizes and books for all ages. Classes from throughout the 5-6 Grade Center also started donating after hearing about the collection.

Students and their families also volunteered to visit the soup kitchen and drop-off the donations. Gullo said she was shocked by how students and their families were willing to give not only donations but their time as well.

“The families at the 5-6 Grade Center have really shown how generous they can be with this project,” Gullo said. “It’s not just donations, they are willing to take time from their winter break to help drop-off donations and distribute them to needy families. It’s wonderful.”