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The Globetrotting Graduate: Why solo traveling can be inspirational

By Caitlin Burns For Digital First Media |

NEW BEGINNINGS: First trip to Europe brings back memories of past travels

Much of life seems to be made up of a series of mundane occurrences that happen day after day — alarm sounds, press snooze, get up, brush teeth, dress, and on and on it goes. ...

By Jarreau Freeman @JarreauFreeman on Twitter |


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    Phoenixville driver gets jail time despite former good deeds

    WEST CHESTER >> A Common Pleas judge denied the request of a Phoenixville man permission to enter a diversionary sentencing program for repeat drunk drivers, saying the circumstances of the man’s case did not warrant leniency — despite the defendant’s otherwise good deeds in the community.

    By Michael P. Rellahan @ChescoCourtNews on Twitter |

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    Phoenixville Public Library show teaches super-power of science

    PHOENIXVILLE >> Some local students learned the super-power science during an interactive show.

    By Eric Devlin @Eric_Devlin on Twitter |

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    A legacy of love: Harbacs Family celebrates 100 years

    STOWE >> As the rest of the nation recently celebrated the nation’s birthday, members of the Harbacs family gathered to honor a century-old tradition of love.

    By Leah Proctor-Ford @lemiprofo on Twitter |

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    Annual Blobfest draws thousands to Phoenixville

    PHOENIXVILLE >> Thousands of people swarmed to Phoenixville Friday night and Saturday to attend Blobfest, the annual celebration honoring the 1958 film “The Blob,” which starred a young Steve McQueen and was filmed locally.

    By Virginia Lindak For Digital First Media |

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    Expanded amenities aim at enhancing Elmwood Park Zoo experience

    NORRISTOWN >> Sure, you’ll still come mainly for the world-class animals, but neither the cuddly red pandas nor the engaging giraffes will mind if you find the Jus’ Java coffee creations and the expanded variety of zoo grub compelling attractions in their own right.

    By Gary Puleo @MustangMan48 on Twitter |

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    ABC To XYZ In Foods: Quite a feast — Quaker Oats and quince

    Quaker Oats One of the most recognized food logos belongs to the Quaker Oats Company. The logo is that of a Quaker Man’s head and is not an actual person. The visual of this logo showed the company’s honesty, integrity, purity and strength. Over the years this logo has physically slimmed down to reflect changing times. Another icon connected with this company is Wilford Brimley, an actor, who was a spokesperson for many years.


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    Readers’ Views: Borough council should give Firebird Festival another chance

    Last year, after vandals torched the namesake icon of the Phoenixville Firebird Festival the night before its scheduled burning, the playing surface at Friendship Field was trampled—but the spirit of a community soared.


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    Think About It: Learning to throw a boomerang

    “If you want your boomerang to come back, first you’ve got to throw it.” —Steven Hall

    Don Meyer, Ph.D. Think About It |

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    Water World Park in Phoenixville up for auction this month

    PHOENIXVILLE >> What once served as a wet and wild solution to beat the summer time heat is now being put on the auction block later this month.

    By Eric Devlin @Eric_Devlin on Twitter |

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    Mosquito spraying set for Phoenixville, Schuylkill Township

    PHOENIXVILLE >> In an effort to combat West Nile virus, county officials will spray for mosquitoes in the borough and Schuylkill Township Thursday night.

    By Eric Devlin @Eric_Devlin on Twitter |

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