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Chester County Futures marks 20 years of changing lives

By Brian McCullough @wcdailylocal on Twitter|

the table: WESTERVILLE In The Middle of Ohio

Westerville is a suburb of Columbus Ohio located in the center of the state and is a truly a quintessential small town. Historical events and occurrences, as well as the people of the town make for a charming place to live and visit. ...

By Bette Banjack Columnist|


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    Douglassville military wife surprises husband with a day of holidays

    A year’s worth of holidays, birthdays, and other significant days were recently celebrated in a military home in the Douglassville area.

    By Denise Larive For Digital First Media|

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    Upper Merion man’s campaign button collection is a walk through history

    UPPER MERION >> The name Alton B. Parker is probably unknown to most of the voters who will cast their ballots for president Nov. 8, but in 1904, he was as famous as either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Parker, a New York state judge, was the Democratic nominee for the nation’s highest office that year. He lost to Theodore Roosevelt in a landslide.

    By Joe Barron @JoeBarron on Twitter|

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    Attorney general candidates take different tack on pervasive issues

    The race for Pennsylvania attorney general pits a 43-year-old lawyer from Montgomery County who has raised $4.9 million for his campaign against a 63-year-old lawyer from Montgomery County who has raised $1.3 million.

    By Evan Brandt @PottstownNews on Twitter|

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    Festival celebrates Mouns Jones 300th Anniversary

    DOUGLASSVILLE >> The Mouns Jones 300th Anniversary will be celebrated by the Historic Preservation Trust of Berks County with an exciting living history event at Morlatton Village. Costumed volunteers will demonstrate a variety of eighteenth and early nineteenth century crafts and trades and visitors can enjoy tours of the buildings in Morlatton Village. There will also be hands-on activities for children and their families to enjoy.

    The Historic Preservation Trust of Berks County|

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    Upcoming fall and Halloween events have a healthy twist

    From fruit picking to costumed fitness dance classes, the community can celebrate the season while staying fit at the same time. Area events include fall festivals as well as Halloween activities that keep it happy and healthy.

    By Michilea Patterson @MichileaP on Twitter|

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    3 unique aircraft found at the American Helicopter Museum


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    Ballot questions await S.E. Pennsylvania voters Nov. 8

    A referendum asking voters if they want 75 to be the mandatory age of retirement for judges in Pennsylvania will appear on the ballot Nov. 8, though the wording has been in dispute since before the primary.

    By Linda Finarelli @lkfinarelli on Twitter|

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    State universities make plans to handle potential strike

    WEST CHESTER >> With the threat of a potential strike looming over students in the Pennsylvania’s public universities, many have questioned what would happen if negotiations continue to stall and a strike does occur.

    By Adam Farence @afarence on Twitter|

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    Collegeville Italian Bakery treats police and other first responders

    COLLEGEVILLE >> Collegeville Italian Bakery is one of the tastiest places in Montgomery County, and on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. it was one of the safest. First responders from the area filled the shop on Ridge Pike for a free lunch presented by the Collegeville Italian Bakery and Allied Wire and Cable.

    By Katie Kohler For Digital First Media|

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    King of Prussia Mall gives shopping spree to cancer survivor

    In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, King of Prussia Mall partnered with the Philadelphia chapter of Susan G. Komen to host a Survivor Shopping Spree.


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