Construction entrance to ELC site should be moved

After considerable research and “digging” yesterday, I discovered some troubling information that was not shared with the surrounding residents relating to the first construction step of the Early Learning Center project. Unfortunately, lack of transparency continues.

As Phoenixville Area School District officials are obviously aware, the designated Pothouse Road construction entrance to the former Meadow Brook Golf Club property is less than 170 ft. from Meadowbrook Lane. It also came to light that this is not a temporary entrance, but will remain after the completion of soil remediation.

This news is distressing to say the least. Not only are neighbors being faced with a large-scale construction project for the duration of two or more years, construction vehicles’ access to the former Meadow Brook Golf Club property is in very close proximity to Meadowbrook Lane.

I question why this particular location was selected. When the subject was raised Wednesday night at the Schuylkill Township Board of Supervisors meeting, Mr. Sartor of Gilmore & Associates informed residents that he, himself, questioned PASD’s placement of the construction entrance and suggested moving it further east on Pothouse Road. PASD disregarded his recommendation. This demonstrates a total lack of consideration and respect on the part of PASD.


The construction entrance could easily be placed an additional 100 ft. east from the current position, extending some relief for Meadowbrook Lane homeowners. I petition the school board to act upon such an adjustment. It is time for you and your colleagues to step up, for once, and conduct yourselves as the good neighbor you claim PASD to be.

Bernadine Clayton

Meadowbrook Resident