Warren Kampf — Actions speak louder than words

As with any election season, we hear politicians making a lot of claims. State Rep. Warren Kampf has been actively distancing himself from Gov. Corbett and trying to paint himself as a moderate and independent voice.

Don’t listen to the rhetoric. The best way to know a politician’s priorities isn’t by what he tells you, but by how he votes. And Kampf has voted in lockstep with Corbett, serving as a reliable vote for every single budget in this administration.

That’s right, he voted for the very first budget that cut $1 billion in education. And Kampf voted to slash the human services budget by 10 percent, devastating county human services programs that provide critical assistance for community mental health programs, drug and alcohol problems and homeless assistance. And Kampf voted to given away billions of dollars in corporate tax breaks, leading to the effective budget deficit that the next administration will have to face.

But the handouts stopped when it came to saving animals — he was the deciding vote against adopting an animal adoption tax credit, resulting in up to 25,000 animals a year being denied a chance for a better home. Kampf also must not think fixing potholes or improving the Paoli train station are good ideas either, since he voted against the transportation funding bill four times.


We don’t even need to delve into history — Kampf voted for this year’s budget, the one that flat-funded basic education funding (when we should be making up for previous cuts), slashed hundreds of millions of dollars from loan programs that provide valuable access to capital for small businesses and volunteer fire companies, and supported leasing state parks and forests to big gas drillers.

Because of Kampf’s loyal obedience to Gov. Corbett, we’ve seen property taxes skyrocket as teachers lost their jobs. Support for the most vulnerable members of our society has been slashed. Natural gas drillers have been given free reign over our environment. He’s done a great job of representing big corporations and natural gas drillers. But students, property owners, the disadvantaged, small businesses and pretty much everyone else? Not so much. When I go to vote, I’ll remember Rep. Kampf’s record, not his words.

Alex Teplyakov

Schuylkill Township