Warren Kampf is running scared

Marian Moskowitz, candidate for state representative in the 157th district, is running a clean campaign. The publicity she releases is truthful and verifiable. And she refuses to engage in negative or misleading advertising. This reveals a candidate with as much character as leadership ability. By taking the high road, Moskowitz shows a will to bring respect and dignity to this campaign. Her opponent, Warren Kampf, sadly, has chosen a different route.

Kampf sent out a truth-twisting advertisement that attempts to scare voters that Moskowitz will raise income taxes and opposes public pension reform. The tiny footnotes at the bottom of his mailing piece provide nothing but simplistic, self-serving information about these complex topics.

Moskowitz released an ad — an honest one — about the 130 plus jobs she has created as founder of Franklin Commons, “the best mixed use project in the region.” Kampf followed with a “me too” ad that he’s “helping companies [...] create jobs.” What jobs? Not one is named. Because he hasn’t created or helped create a single job in Pennsylvania.

In “Warren Kampf Delivered,” another publicity mailer, Kampf takes credit for singlehandedly “making our schools stronger...” and bringing “more funding for schools than ever before.” Again, over the top!


Why is Warren Kampf misleading the public and stooping to negative advertising?

Maybe he’s scared about an opponent who so richly deserves to succeed him in January 2015.

Pat McNichol