Kampf making the tough choices that will help secure our children’s future

Sadly in government today, most politicians are only looking for solutions that sound good in campaign ads and work best for two-year election cycles. While Pennsylvania has numerous problems that will affect generations to come, not many seem to be looking out for my young family and those of us who will have to deal with — tomorrow — the consequences of the misguided decisions made today.

Fortunately for us in Phoenixville and the surrounding area, we have a state representative in Warren Kampf who is making the tough choices and looking towards the future. Warren and his wife, Meg, have a young family that lives and goes to school here in our community, so Warren is making decisions with his children and all of our children in mind.

First of all, Warren supported a state budget with more public education funding than ever before. This guarantees that the public schools in Chester and Montgomery counties will continue to receive the dollars they need to deliver a high quality education to our children.

Warren has also worked hard to keep taxes low and therefore spur economic growth. In fact, thanks in large part to the work Warren has done in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate has reached its lowest level in six years.


But most importantly, Warren has taken the lead on the single issue that will impact us, our children and our grandchildren for years to come. In the House of Representatives, Warren has championed public pension reform and is working hard to put a stop to the current crisis here in Pennsylvania.

With an unfunded liability of nearly $50 billion, our pension system is in crisis, yet too many politicians in Harrisburg refuse to admit it and won’t make the difficult decisions necessary to reach a resolution and reform the system. For too many, pension reform is politically inconvenient and does not bode well for re-election campaigns. But Warren Kampf has set political convenience aside and is focused on ensuring that our pension system can be viable for generations to come.

By introducing comprehensive pension reform, Warren Kampf has demonstrated that he is willing to do what it takes to stand up for middle-class families and correct the political mistakes of the past. I am proud to have Warren Kampf as my representative and you should be, too. I hope you join me on Nov. 4 and send Warren back to Harrisburg to finish what he’s started.

Eric Smith