Kampf has earned the right to continue representing 157th

I am a homeowner in downtown Phoenixville and am writing to express my support for Warren Kampf in his bid for reelection as state representative for the 157th District.

Most people who are following this race are familiar with Warren’s theme: “He’s Our Representative.” This theme resonates with me, because I know it is true. Warren takes his responsibility as a representative to heart and is not hard for his constituents to find. Whether it’s hosting a community event (like the Senior Expo, the Veterans Appreciation Breakfast or the Family Safety Expo) or just being visible during one of many First Fridays in Phoenixville, I’ve had multiple opportunities to get to know Warren not just as a politician, but as a person.

I’ve always believed there’s a lot to be learned about someone’s character simply by meeting them face to face. I’ve met my fair share of politicians, and most of them treat conversation like a chance to deliver a canned line about their platform and why I should vote for them. That’s not the case with Warren — I’ve always felt like he treated conversations with people like me not as an opportunity to win my vote, but as part of his duty to understand what his constituents care about.

But Warren is more than just a likeable guy. Anyone who has followed his voting record knows that he’s deeply knowledgeable about policy, is involved in the decisions that matter in Harrisburg, and that he’s not afraid to vote his conscience. It is for all of these reasons that I believe that Warren has truly earned the right to continue being our representative.


Benjamin Andersen