Searching for a long-lost friend from Denmark

Sam Q. Evans
Sam Q. Evans

To the editor:

I am writing to you from Denmark on behalf of my 82-year-old mother, Kirsten Laigaard.

My mother lives in a nursing home close to Copenhagen. She has lived there since 2007, when a stroke put an end to an active senior life. The days pass by watching television, sitting outside on her terrace when the weather allows, and getting visits from her children, family and friends. And she spends time reminiscing about her life.

My parents met around 1960, married shortly after and had four children together. My father, sadly, passed away in 1999. The following years until her stroke, my mother kept busy playing bridge, looking after her garden and playing a bit of golf.

When I visit my mother, we talk about big and small events in our family and often look at photo albums together. A couple of years ago my mother told me about Sam, a young American that she knew in 1957-1958. Back then, Sam Q. Evans was a soldier stationed at a US Army base near Rdesheim, Germany. My mother has photos of her and Sam in Rdesheim, Heidelberg and on tour in Denmark visiting the sites of Copenhagen and those of my mothers home-town, Viborg. The photo of Sam shown here is from one of her albums.


My mother would so like to know what has happened to Sam after his return to the US. Has he had a good life, did he have children, what did he do for a living, etc. I would just like to hear from Sam or know what happened to him before I die, as she puts it.

We have searched the internet on and off for a couple of years without any result. Unfortunately, we do not have many clues to follow. We know that Sam was born in December 1929, and his address in the US back then was Chestnut Drive, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

Any news or information from or about Sam Q. Evans would mean the world to my mother. We are stuck in our search and therefore contacted The Phoenix Reporter & Item.

If any readers have any information that can help us in our search, please email me at or write directly to my mother: Kirsten Laigaard Jensen, Boegebakken 41, 4320 Lejre, Denmark.

Thank you,

Karen Laigaard

Lejre, Denmark