Advance notice could prevent voting day runaround

To the Editor:

As a resident of Phoenixville West-2 region, I went over to vote Tuesday at the Phoenixville Middle School. There were no political signs posted on the lawn or people standing out front handing out literature, so I knew something was amiss. There was a sign on the front door of the old polling place saying to go over to the high school to vote.

So I walked over to the Phoenixville High School building and found out I wasnt on the voter registration books there. The folks working at the polling place said my street may have been moved to a new voting precinct and I should try the West End Fire Co. on Bridge Street. I drove over there and at my third stop had no further problems voting.

When they move people to a new polling place, I think they should send notification through the mail to everyone who will be impacted by the change in location. Otherwise, it creates a lot of confusion.

Henry L. Haynes