Sen. Toomey's voting record does not match his rhetoric

To the editor:

I recently read an Inquirer article that detailed Sen. Pat Toomey’s visit to the Spring City Electrical Manufacturing Company in Chester County. I was very surprised that the Senator talked about a bill that will allow companies to make tax deductions for the first half a million dollars they spend on equipment costs.

In my opinion, it’s extremely misleading for Toomey to publicize this bill since businesses already can get tax deductions in that amount. The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 permanently doubled the amount of money small businesses can immediately write off for capital investments like equipment. When Toomey was in charge of the pro-corporation Club for Growth organization, he rigorously campaigned against the stimulus bill, and now he is touting legislation that includes aspects of that stimulus bill. It doesn’t make any sense!

Toomey should know better than to introduce a bill that won’t do anything. In addition to this, he has hurt our businesses in the past with other votes. For example, he filibustered the Bring Jobs Home Act, which would have provided tax incentives to companies that keep all their employees in America.

I think Toomey’s latest appearance in Chester County makes it look to voters that he cares about an issue, business or group of people, but then he votes against them or introduces meaningless bills. For instance, he visited a farm in Northampton County a few weeks ago to rebuke European officials who wanted to tell American farmers not to use certain names of cheese anymore. Toomey showed up at the farm and acted like he cared about Pennsylvania’s agricultural industry, yet he voted against a bill that will provide critical assistance to our dairy farmers. It’s truly disheartening that we have a senator who says he cares, but his votes send a different message.


Stephanie Markstein

West Chester