Sen. Toomey continues to show no care for those struggling

To the editor:

Senator Toomey’s latest vote against the reinstatement of emergency unemployment benefits was no surprise to me.

He repeatedly votes in ways that are harmful to the majority of Pennsylvanians. This was the third time he voted against bills that would restore these benefits.

About 1.3 million Americans were initially affected by the expiration of these benefits at the beginning of this year. That figure has jumped to 2.3 million this month. In Pennsylvania, 73,000 Americans were affected by the expiration of benefits; that figure has increased to over 120,000 in April. Toomey doesn’t seem to care about any of these people.

Toomey and his fellow Republicans don’t express concern for those who are struggling. Why is that?


Their voting record illustrates that when it comes to the poor, the middle class and seniors, they would rather hide us under the rug.

But the wealthy matter a great deal — their tax loopholes must be protected.

Our government should provide for all the people, not just the top 1 percent.

Mary Cellucci

Broomall, Marple Township