Meadowbrook location already too congested to build two schools

To the editor:

Should the Phoenixville Area School District build two schools on the Meadowbrook Golf Course? This location is one of the worst if for no other reason than that it is one of the most congested areas in Schuylkill Township.

It lies between Route 29 and Pothouse Road, two of the busiest roads in the area. Pothouse Road alone services three trailer parks, the YMCA, an elementary school and six housing subdivisions, not to mention the Senior High School and the Middle School that are in close proximity and the hundreds of homes that surround the Middle School. Rush hour traffic is backed up for blocks. To add two large school buildings, which will include parking lots, playgrounds, ball fields, school buses, employee parking lots, etc. borders on the irrational.

Civic-minded officials, including school board directors, with all the resourses at their disposal, would have made avoiding congestion a priority for the safety of the students and for the sake of neighborhood goodwill.

I find it beyond reason that out of all the land available in Schuylkill and East Pikeland Townships, the only suitable site is the one remaining open space in a location strangled with congestion.


I beg the directors to rethink their duty to neighborhood planning by not adding meaningless sprawl when there are better alternatives. Lets take a lesson from the Montgomery School on Route 113, which reflects the least amount of impact on an area.

John Di Giuseppe

Schuylkill Township