Thank you to Rep. Kampf for help during the storm

To the editor:

During the big snow storm last week, my neighborhood (Valley Forge Mountain) was devastated. Huge trees fell in the road, taking down power lines and phone/internet for five days. Trees were precariously hung up on the power lines and broken lines lay in the street for days. It was truly dangerous.

With so many people without power, it was hard to get PECOs attention because the entire region was suffering. Thankfully, State Representative Warren Kampf was using the internet, asking people to contact him if they needed help. Using our smart phones, we were able to send him messages asking him to communicate our dire condition to PECO during his daily calls. Warren actually brought the PECO Chairman, Craig Adams, to survey the damage and get things moving. Within hours, Asplundh workers were removing the trees and PECO workers were repairing our lines with over 50 trucks coming to our rescue.

I was grateful that Warren visited our community multiple times and was so effective as he worked with PECO and local officials until the power outage was resolved. Thank you, Warren, for being there and not leaving us in the dark!


Michele Murphy