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Fact checking Corbett’s latest campaign ad

By Lisa Longo Guest Columnist |


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    Casey Kasem’s end-of-life nightmare is lesson for millions of Americans

    The tragic legal battle between legendary radio host Casey Kasem’s family members over his end-of-life care before he died in June is a teachable moment for millions of Americans. It illustrates the challenges and importance of end-of-life planning. It also demonstrates the urgency to reform the system so millions of baby boomers and their aging parents do not experience a similar nightmare.

    By Daniel Wilson and Sean Crowley Courtesy of The American Forum |

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    Warren Kampf is running scared

    Marian Moskowitz, candidate for state representative in the 157th district, is running a clean campaign. The publicity she releases is truthful and verifiable. And she refuses to engage in negative or misleading advertising. This reveals a candidate with as much character as leadership ability. By taking the high road, Moskowitz shows a will to bring respect and dignity to this campaign. Her opponent, Warren Kampf, sadly, has chosen a different route.


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    Warren Kampf - Not just politics as usual

    It’s easy to be cynical about politics. As a recent Conestoga graduate and current University of Pennsylvania student, I’ve noticed that the prevailing political opinion among my generation is one marked with pessimism and resignation. The narrative goes something like this: self-interested politicians, bought and sold by lobbyists, perpetuate a rigged system in which special interests always win.


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    Kampf has earned the right to continue representing 157th

    I am a homeowner in downtown Phoenixville and am writing to express my support for Warren Kampf in his bid for reelection as state representative for the 157th District.


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    Kampf has improved communication with constituents

    Warren Kampf is really hitting his stride. Over the last two years, I’ve noticed a real difference in communication with my state representative and my community, because I opted to sign up for Warren Kampf’s legislative updates online. The very well-written and informative online updates are a wealth of information, anything from neighborhood road closures and repaving schedules to senior expos and local shredder events. I also received updates and vital information during the...


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    Kampf making the tough choices that will help secure our children’s future

    Sadly in government today, most politicians are only looking for solutions that sound good in campaign ads and work best for two-year election cycles. While Pennsylvania has numerous problems that will affect generations to come, not many seem to be looking out for my young family and those of us who will have to deal with — tomorrow — the consequences of the misguided decisions made today.


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    New look coming to The Phoenix Reporter & Item

    We are very excited to reveal our new papers!

    By Lisa Mitchell Managing Editor |

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    Celebrating America’s wilderness 50 years later

    “When are you going to take your family to Disney World?”

    By Pat Byington Courtesy of the American Forum |

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    Think About It: In Praise of Leisure

    “He enjoys true leisure who has time to improve his soul’s estate.”

    By Don Meyer, Ph.D. Columnist |

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    Take a walk in the shoes of minimum wage workers

    I’m a CEO with a GED, and I have walked in the shoes of a minimum wage worker. I know from experience that it’s a tougher road today.

    By Roger Smith Courtesy of the American Forum |

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