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A Look Back in History: The Warmth and Charm in Georgian Architecture

By Richard L.T. Orth|

Person to Person — Impact: Many tricks ... Few treats

I have a reoccurring nightmare! The year was 1954 and my parents, my siblings and I were about to arrive in the small borough where we kids would see our new home for the first time. As we turned off the commercial highway in the spring, we were gre...



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    Think About It: The life-changing magic of tidying up

    “Life truly begins after you put your house in order.” - Marie Kondo

    Don Meyer, Ph.D. Think About It |

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    THE TABLE: Chile, South America

    The country of Chile that is located on the Pacific Ocean’s western coast of South America is often pronounced as Chilly (like the weather), but to be correct, it is pronounced “Chil-ay.”

    By Bette Banjack THE TABLE |

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    Think About It: What is the Secret Sauce?

    “Every time you share an overused platitude on Facebook, an angel loses its wings.” - Anonymous

    Don Meyer, Ph.D. Think About It |

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    Think About It: My final day as president

    “Memory is the mother of wisdom.” - Aeschylus

    Don Meyer, Ph.D. Think About It |

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    Art & Antiques by Dr. Lori: The art of storing china

    If you have your heirloom china, crystal, porcelain and knickknacks in a lighted china closet or display case with lamps inside, don’t position your collectibles too close to the lamps. Once, during an in-home appraisal service call, I had to break the news to a Waterford crystal collector who had her entire collection on display in just such a cabinet. She told me that every Sunday she turned on the lights inside that cabinet so her dinner guests could admire her lovely collection.

    By Dr. Lori Verderame Columnist |

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