Phoenixville cub pack honors scouts and leaders at Blue & Gold banquet

Webelos from Pack 119 are welcomed by representatives from Troop 58 as they cross the bridge and become Boy Scouts. Photo by Virginia Lindak
Cub Scout Pack 119 held their Blue & Gold Banquet June 15. At the banquet, boys performed skits, were presented with badges they earned this year and advanced in rank. Photo by Virginia Lindak

Barkley Elementary Pack 119 Cub Scouts held their annual Blue and Gold Banquet Sunday evening at St. John’s Lutheran Church. Members of the community gathered to celebrate the achievements of the dens and the pack as a whole throughout the 2013-14 school year.

Guests in attendance included Mayor Speck and Firebird Festival committee leader Henrik Stubbe Teglbjaerg, as well as dozens of family members who came to celebrate many of the boys’ advancement to higher ranks. Every boy who was moving up to their next rank received their advancement award, as well as additional merit badges that were earned since the last pack meeting.

One pack leader, Committee Chairman Ralph Cockerham, said the scouts looked their best and gave their fathers a little something extra to be proud of by holding their annual Blue and Gold Celebration party on Father’s Day.

Cockerham said the Pack also honored members of the Webelos, who are fifth graders, in a very special ceremony in which they were each presented with an Arrow of Light. Cockerham said all eight Webelos will become members of Troop 58, which is led by Scoutmaster Walt Deichmann.


“The Pack honored six of its eight Webelos that earned the highest Cub Scout Award, the Arrow of Light,” remarked Cockerham. “This award is the pinnacle of a Cub Scout’s career and is the only Cub Scout award or insignia that may be worn on the Boy Scout uniform.

“Many of the requirements for the Arrow of Light are intended to familiarize the scout with a local troop and hopefully show him that crossing over into a troop is the next step to take in scouting. Some of these requirements include outdoor skills, physical fitness, citizenship and working with others. A scout that earns his Arrow of Light patch has also completed nearly all the requirements to earn the Scout badge in the troop, so he has already begun his Boy Scout trail.”

The Webelos Den leader, J.D. Maloney, was also honored by the cub scouts, pack leaders and parents. Both boys and parents had the opportunity to share their thoughts on how J.D. has inspired them and made their experience as a member of Pack 119 or parent of a cub scout memorable and rewarding.

Maloney was honored for, “His many years of dedication, support, wisdom, and not to mention friendship. J.D. will be spending most of his time with Troop 58, however he will continue to play an integral role in creating a lasting and collaborative relationship between Troop 58 and Pack 119,” noted Cockerham.

He added that the pack has a full line-up of summer fun and plans with exciting opportunities for current cub scouts and anyone else wanting to join in on the fun.

For more information about Pack 119’s Summer Activity Program, contact pack leaders at