Mayor Speck presents Tree City USA flag to Pack 119

Mayor Speck joins the boys of Pack 119 in the Living Circle Ceremony at their meeting May 21. Photo courtesy of Pack 119
Mayor Speck and some of the adult leaders of Pack 119 display the Tree City USA flag the Mayor honored the Pack with. Awarded by the Arbor Day Foundation, the flag was given to the Phoenixville Borough for exceeding requirements of the Tree City USA program and its longstanding support for planting trees. The mayor decided that Pack 119 should receive the honor for its many years of service with the initiative. Photo courtesy of Pack 119

Pack 119 (out of Barkley Elementary School) is continuing to build lasting relationships and strengthen community ties with people and organizations in the Phoenixville Area.

This time, Phoenixville Mayor Mike Speck stopped by for a visit at the Packs monthly pack meeting on May 21 to learn more about the great work Pack 119 has been doing over the school year. Cub scouts (1st 5th Graders) presented in their own words how they are helping others while having fun.

The boys were asked questions about what they thought a mayors job was, and Mayor Speck responded with answers and some of his own questions that kept the young cub scouts engaged and full of energy.

In addition, the Mayor honored Pack 119 by presenting the Tree City USA flag to them for their continued support and involvement in the Tree City USA initiative sponsored by The Arbor Day Foundation. Pack 119, in cooperation with the Phoenixville Borough and Randy Morin, of the National Forestry Service, has been helping for numerous years in both the spring and fall to plant trees in the Phoenixville community. This partnership and event is one that Pack 119 will continue to do year after year.


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