The Veg Pledge: National Vegan Pledge Program is coming to Phoenixville

All of PANís Vegan Pledge meetings include free samples for the pledges to try. Photo by Allison Geiger
Pledges enjoyed a cooking class taught by Allison Geiger at Suite ThreeOhSix at a recent pledge program in New York City. Photo by Robert Jensen

PHOENIXVILLE – Those interested in exploring an alternate vegan lifestyle will soon be given a chance to do so thanks to an upcoming Peace Advocacy Network (PAN) program.

PAN’s 2014 Vegan Pledge program is coming to Phoenixville in February. The program encourages people to adopt a vegan diet for 30 days with its hands-on support. This includes weekly meetings consisting of cooking demonstrations, speaker presentations, and optional social events.

The five meetings for the program will be held on Sundays, Feb. 9, 16, 25, March 2 and 9, with most of the meetings happening at the 3rd Floor Conference Center in Phoenixville Hospital’s Medical Office Building II. The program is free for registered participants. PAN board member and Phoenixville resident Allison Geiger will coordinate the program.

“I think the biggest benefit [to a vegan lifestyle] is just feeling good about every time you sit down to a meal,” said Geiger. “It is beneficial to animals, humans and the planet.”


Geiger, a vegan for over 17 years, strongly recommends the program to those who may be on the fence about partaking in veganism.

“Just give it a try. It is a good way to get a feel for the lifestyle with good community support,” she said. “At the end, you can always go back. I’ve actually had past participants come back and help mentor the program as fully committed vegans themselves.”

According to Geiger, PAN hopes to achieve its goal of bringing in at least 25 participants. Last year, the program hit 24.

Program sponsors include Alternative Baking Company, Beyond Meat, Earth Balance, Follow Your Heart, Food For Life, Gardein, Hurraw Balm, Lara Bar, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Mediterranean Snack Foods, Peanut Butter and Company, Primal Spirit Foods, Raw Revolution, Sappo Hill Soaps, Sunshine Burger, Tofutti, the Vegetarian Resource Group, The Vegg, WholeSoy and Zen Soy.

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