Skippack Wine Fest helps take the edge off winter

The Skippack Wine Fest is scheduled for Jan. 18.
The Skippack Wine Fest is scheduled for Jan. 18.
The Skippack Wine Fest is scheduled for Jan. 18.
The Skippack Wine Fest is scheduled for Jan. 18.

Wine has been a source of refreshment, warmth and personal reflection since biblical days (between the 10th and 7th centuries BCE) and remains so today. Many of us savor wine to complement a meal or dessert, while some enjoy sipping the oaky, earthy, dry, floral or fruity flavors from our favorite stemware.

Wine-tasting newcomers and connoisseurs alike are sure to be impressed at Skippack Villages Winter Wine Festival on Saturday, Jan. 18. Jack Frosts unforgiving, blustery wild lament wont be an issue because the festival will occur in the warmth of the post-holiday air.

If you still experience a slight wintry chill, wine will certainly help to ensure that your heart and soul remain warm. Keep your glass half full if you can.

If youve never tasted the extraordinary mixture of apple, pear and lime flavors in a Riesling wine, a flavorful bubbly Champagne, a Pinot Gris, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel, you might expect to try some of these at the wine festival.


The wine fest has been taking place for the past few years to offer event guests a chance to sample a delicious assortment of food and wine at Skippacks local establishments, including After 5 Gifts, All Day Delicious, Artisans Nest, Heritage Fence Company, Le Blue Goose, Custom Interiors, Roadhouse Grille & Steakhouse, Southwest Trading Post, the Grand Fromage, Timeless Styles Boutique, the Wooden Duck and the Village Wine Cellar.

Tara Shiffert, owner of After 5 Gifts, will be making plenty of room available indoors for the wine festival, as well as everyone else.

When asked for a small glimpse of what visitors to the event can look forward to, she said, Justins Carriage House will be hosting Capital Wine & Spirits. Big Dutts will be in front of the Wooden Duck preparing and serving their signature BBQ pork.

Well likely have new wines available to taste, she added as well as some favorites featured at last years Winetober Fest.

One of the good things about this festival, Shiffert continued, is that its not just limited to the Pennsylvania wineries.

Shiffert explained that Skippack previously didnt have much for visitors to do after the holiday season was over. She helped to change that.

She said, We thought itd be a nice thing to do sometime between post-holiday time and the Super Bowl for people who love wine to come out and do something they enjoy.

Shiffert has as much enjoyment of wine as each of Skippacks participants and the festivals visitors. She, like many of us, has a favorite.

I like Chardonnay all year round, but the Village Wine Cellar has a delicious red wine called Cab Franc, which is delicious all by itself, whereas other red wines need food to complement their flavors.

Though winter is often considered a cold, grey time of year, wine lends credence to each seasons snowflakes of time. Wine tasters, enthusiasts and novices will soon have an opportunity to acquaint themselves with Skippack and many of the noteworthy food samples and wines. Dont use the cold weather as an excuse for your palate to miss out.