Group feeds homeless: ‘It’s not all peaches and cream’

Foul Mouth Trucker is hoping to give out 150 to 200 bagged meals to the homeless this Sunday.
Foul Mouth Trucker is hoping to give out 150 to 200 bagged meals to the homeless this Sunday. SUBMITTED PHOTO
Macenzie Galinski, Justin “Jaxx aMillion” Dubost, and John Lewandowski feed the homeless in Philadelphia.
Macenzie Galinski, Justin “Jaxx aMillion” Dubost, and John Lewandowski feed the homeless in Philadelphia. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Philadelphia >>> For the past seven months, Foul Mouth Trucker has been giving back to the community, one bagged meal at a time.

“Imagine if you’re having a really, really bad day and you have nobody to talk to,” founder Justin “Jaxx aMillion” Dubost said. “And then out of nowhere, someone comes up and just offers that ear, offers you that shoulder, offers you that comfort. We may not have a lot to give, but we are going to give everything that we can.”

Foul Mouth Trucker started on Instagram. Jaxx aMillion turned to it to cheer himself up, he said. Others started to watch, and it grew into a movement.

Jaxx aMillion, who lives in Collegeville, teamed up with John Lewandowski, who lives in Pottstown, and Macenzie Galinski, who lives in Collegeville with Jaxx aMillion, to create what Foul Mouth Trucker is today.


Off of Foul Mouth Trucker, there’s the Feed the Need program, which is their outreach to feed the homeless at Logan Square Park in Philadelphia.

The team also has online forums. “Quiters” helps people with a current drug addiction. “Survivors” is focused on those who’ve gone through domestic violence. “Call for Help” is there to “get things off your chest,” Jaxx aMillion said.

“The main reason (Foul Mouth Trucker started) is because of past experiences,” Jaxx aMillion said. “I’ve been homeless. I’ve been through the system. I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs.”

Jaxx aMillion said that he believes Foul Mouth Trucker brings the voice “missing in the world,” showing that “it’s not all peaches and cream.” While the group is Christian-based, they are not a church, doing it for the “glitz and glamor,” he said.

“The sincerity (for the other groups) I don’t think is really there,” Jaxx aMillion said. “We’re not trying to just feed people. We’re trying to feed their souls. We’re trying to pick them up. We’re trying to give them that hope and that better life.”

Lewandowski called Foul Mouth Trucker a more personable group.

“We’re just trying to reach the ones who think they’re unreachable,” Lewandowski said.

The first trip, of 30 bagged meals, was paid fully out of Jaxx aMillion, Lewandowski, and Galinski’s pockets. However, that becomes expensive when they’re shooting to give out 150 to 200 bags on June 24, they said.

“I feel bad because we can’t do this every day. We can’t do this every weekend. We can’t do this as much as we would like,” Jaxx aMillion said. “But we can make that small difference, that bring that bit of hope and just at least make that one day better.”

The team has been able to touch many people along the way, they said, such as Bill, who they met during their first trip.

“Bill was probably the biggest inspiration that we’ve had,” Lewandowski said. “Bill was just down on his luck. He was sitting on the side of a building trying to catch some shade. It was his birthday and he was just the most appreciative person ever.”

The team has a plan for their future to reach people like Bill, who “the system had failed,” as well.

“I would love — absolutely love — to start taking over old abandoned hotels, hospitals, schools, stuff like that,” Jaxx aMillion said, “revamping them into something that would be almost like a turn-around for homeless people.”

The vision is for people to come in and have a job service available, allowing these people to get back on their feet. Jaxx aMillion called it a “catch-and-release,” where they would help the homeless for a month or so, helping them “moving forward in the right direction.”

On top of that, Foul Mouth Trucker hopes to not only expand their Feed the Need program to “as many cities as we can get our hands on.”

“I want to get to the point when FMT is the name you think of when you think of support and help and comfort and good deeds and good will and having your faith restored in humanity,” Jaxx aMillion said.

The next Feed the Need will take place on June 24 at Logan Square Park, at 200 N. 19th St., Philadelphia.

Donations can be made to Foul Mouth Truck on PayPal, at, as well as Venmo, at