25 take part in archery distance competition

Photo by Barry Taglieber Wheelchair archer Joe Grejdus of Phoenixville, third from right, is joined by YMCA tournament winners, left to right, Paul Grosso, Olivia Mulligan, Miranda Hotalen, Jay Mitchell and John Hotalen.
Photo by Barry Taglieber Nick Valoret, a 9-year-old contestant, takes aim at the archery targey during the July 26 distance competition at the Phoenixville Area YMCA.

SCHUYLKILL - Twenty-five people of different ages competed in the 9th Annual Archery Distance Competition at the Phoenixville Area YMCA Saturday morning.

Jay Mitchell (14-17) and John Hotalen (adult) tied for the longest hit at 55 yards. The two gold medalists will also receive plaques.

The competition is directed by internationally known wheelchair archer Joe Grejdus of Phoenixville and his wife, Debbie.

Contestants are grouped in ages 5-12 and also 13 and up.


Other top finishers included 13-year-old Lee Keele (45 yards), 11-year-old Paul Grosso (40), 11-year-old Miranda Hotalen (40) and 9-year-old Olivia Mulligan (40).

The other results were as follows: Andrew Filshill (age 5, 15 yards), Haylen Lawrence, (7, 25), Helena Swiderski (8, 30), Sophia Conish (8, 15), Nick Valoret (9, 30), Julia Grosso (9, 25), Jessica Westervelt (10, 30), Joey Bernardo (10, 25), Austin Pencak (10, 20), Nathan DiMascia (11, 25), Ava Coonradt (11, 35), Penelope Pappas (11, 35), Oliva Sheldon (12, 35), Barbara Hotalen (adult, 25), Claire Meachen (9, 25), Jacob Magyar (10, 25), Sydney Fluke (7, 35) and Deidre (10, 20).

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