Schuylkill Twp man attacks UPS driver

SCHUYLKILL TWP — For an unknown reason, a man allegedly attacked a UPS driver who had been traveling behind him on his way to deliver a package.

Schuylkill Twp. Police arrested township resident Ceasar Caraballo, 42, Tuesday after for the incident involving the delivery man.

The UPS driver told police he was going to make a delivery on Mockingbird Lane, driving his vehicle north on the street behind a red Nissan.

Eventually, the Nissan stopped in front of the UPS and the driver of the Nissan, identified as Caraballo, got out, aqccording to an affidavit of probable cause filed by Schuylkill Twp. Police.


“[Caraballo] then jumped into [the victim’s] UPS truck and began to scream at him,” the affidavit said. “The victim stated that the operator grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him toward his person. The victim stated that the male actor then headbutted him in the forehead.”

The UPS driver said he still had his seatbelt on and had little time to react to Caraballo’s alleged assault.

After that, Caraballo allgedly entered a house on Mockingbird Lane for a little while before coming out. When he found out the victim called 911, Carabllo reportedly fled.

“The victim stated that he was stunned by the headbutt and did suffer bodily harm,” police said. “He stated that he was also fearful for his safety and was concerned that the actor may have gone back into his residence to retrieve a weapon.”

That did not appear to be the case.

It’s unclear why the Caraballo allegedly attacked the driver.

In the course of their investigation, police determined that Caraballo’s driver’s license was suspended for DUI charges.

Arrested three days after the incident, Caraballo was charged with trwo counts of simple assault and one count of endangering another person, all misdemeanors. Caraballo will also face summary charges including harassment, disorderly conduct and driving while his license is suspended.

Court documents indicated that Caraballo has been arrested in the past for assault.

He’s plead guilty to some of those charges and done jail time for them, according to those documents.

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