Limerick Fire Company to host summer camp

LIMERICK — Area kids will get a hands-on experience with hoses, ladders and other tools of the firefighting trade at a camp held at the Limerick firehouse this summer.

Limerick Fire Company Chief Ken Shuler said the camp will teach kids about fire safety and how firefighters respond to emergencies.

“This is new to us but others have been doing it for a few years,” Shuler said. “New Jersey has done a few and one or two others in Montgomery County (have).”

The camp will run between July 21 and 25, will be open to kids who are 6 to 13 years old.


Registration is open at with a fee of $15.

Camps like the one Limerick will host serve as good recruitment tools, Shuler told the board of supervisors at their meeting last week.

“Limerick has been very fortunate in our recruitment efforts,” he told 21st Century Media Tuesday. “Recruitment is something that when you are in a volunteer service you never stop doing. Things may be great today but things change all the time with people’s jobs and home life.”

At the moment, Shuler said he has “close to 50 active firefighters,” which means those are personnel making it to 20 percent of all calls and 50 percent of training.

“I am always looking at the future and protecting the fire company and the township and preserving the volunteer fire service,” Shuler said.

Shuler said Limerick Fire Company’s volunteers “will be running everything” for the camp.

The list of activities isn’t finalized, but those who attend the week-long camp can expect to get hands-on trainign with firefighting equipment, learn about the firehouse and the apparatus housed inside as well as “watch several live demonstrations from the firemen,” according to a press release about the camp.

Registration is closed after July 14.

Shuler said he hopes to make this camp a yearly occurrence.

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