Young drivers compete during special weekend

Photo by Barry Taglieber Adults unload a car to prepare for racing during the special day of competition on June 8 at Phoenix Raceway.
Photo by Barry Taglieber Young racers prepare to start during the June 8 competition at Phoenix Raceway.

A full weekend of youth auto racing at Phoenix Raceway from June 6-8 was part of a United States Auto Club (USAC) national competition.

Boys and girls took part in the event, which was hosted by the Montgomery County Quarter Midget Racing Club (MCQMRC). The Eastern Storm National Event was held on June 8.

Results in the 13 division were as follows:

Red Rookie #1 - Mason Mazzerle, Brody Mazzerle, Colton Gerber, Lucas Roberson, James Fries


Red Rookie #2 - Michael Hoffmaster, Bobby Klein, Erika Heller, Kiley Kupp, Lucas Kostic

Blue Rookie - Deakon Clark, Connor Bollinger, Paul Manici, Courtney Kupp

Jr Honda - Aleksander Andrecs, Bradan Andrecs, Blake Davis, Riley Emig, Peyton Arthofer

Sr Honda - Conner Weiss, Ethan Bill, Johnathon Gallagher, Kane Rogers, Marshall LaBuda

Heavy Honda - Zakery Vickers, Zach Curtis, Shane Duncan, Rebeckah Haney, Avery Arthofer

Light 160 - Kane Rogers, David Fink, Johnathon Gallagher, Conner Weiss, Steven Snyder

Heavy 160 - Tyler Eckhart, Zakery Vickers, Austin Bellemare, Hanna Flool, Zack Curtis

Jr Animal - Aleksander Andrecs, Bradan Andrecs, Thomas Prychka, Riley Emig, Blake Davis

Sr Animal - Briggs Danner, Johnathon Gallgher, Mike Thompson, Andrew Layser, Ray Kable

U/R Animal - Hanna Flood, Logen Snyder, Steven Kisamore, Joe Toth, Kyle Walter

Light World Formula - John Bangs, Andrew Layser, Mike Thompson, Briggs Danner, Jake Garcia

Heavy World Formula - Jesse James Bartleson, Levi Crowl, Hanna Flood, Steve Kisamore, Seth Spayd