TEDxPhoenixville announces date, theme for 2014

In 2010, Phoenixville traveled to a new destination with the Philadelphia region’s very first TEDx event. The theme was Joy Ride and speakers and performers took attendees at the day-long trip to the realm of new ideas.

In 2011 the theme was MindBlender, 2012 was Your BackYard and last year’s TEDxPhoenixville theme was To Be Determined. It wasn’t that the dynamic, 2013 conference didn’t have a theme, it did and it was all about being determined, established determination and potential determinations.

Now, in 2014, the TEDxPhoenixville organizing committee is thrilled to reveal this years’ theme as we announce the event date and call for presenters.

SEX and DRUGS and ROCK & ROLL, the theme of TEDxPhoenixville 2014, will mark the thoughtful gathering’s fifth year and provide organizers, presenters and attendees with a broad compelling backdrop on which to paint ideas.


“Our themes have all been broad-based suggestions,” said founder and organizing committee member Kirsten Van Vlandren. “They’re open for interpretation as we curate and invite speakers.”

The 2014 the TEDxPhoenixville main event will be held on Saturday, Sept. 27 in Phoenixville’s Colonial Theater following several monthly salons.

“Sex, drugs and rock and roll can be anything from celebrating diverse gender identities, pharmaceutical advancements, musical innovations, you name it,” added Jennifer Smith, a venture capital administrator and organizing committee member. “Rocking out while keeping the whole thing rolling is what TEDxPhoenixville has become well known for.”

The program’s organizers hope to engage potential attendees with the theme and present a program that explores ideas defined by a variety of human experiences.

“In fact, TEDxPhoenixville most likely won’t be directly about sex or drugs or rock and roll at all,” Van Vlandren, who is also the assistant director of Phoenixville’s beloved and historic Colonial Theater, said.

What makes TEDx events unique is the conversations that they spark between participants, speakers and the community at large.

“This year can be be on virtually anything,” said Nicole Wolf, an artist and member of the TEDxPhoenixville creative committee. “People can look at their career or their passions as drugs, their personality or approach to life can be rock and roll. The possibilities are endless.”

The monthly TEDxPhoenixville Salons are abbreviated versions of the annual event. The salons serve as an effective way to introduce new people to the concept of TED while preparing everyone for topics related to the theme. Each salon features a live speaker or performer and a few pre-recorded TEDtalks as well as some ice-breaking activity, complimentary drinks and snacks and a whole lot of conversation.

“Instead of talking about the weather, get out and meet other interesting people in your community and engage in topics we’re all interested in,” offered Smith. “Sex and drugs and rock and roll!”

You can learn more about the live event and the salons, become a sponsor, recommend speakers or volunteer by visiting www.tedxphoenixville.com.

About TEDxPhoenixville

TEDxPhoenixville celebrates the creative, innovative and inspiring happening right here and all around the world. Our objective is to present thought-provoking ideas via an annual day-long event featuring compelling, groundbreaking and transformational speakers, artists and performers. TEDxPhoenixville precedes the live event with monthly salons that educate people about our platform and facilitate opportunities for spontaneous, intelligent discussion among guests to point us toward a more engaged and purposeful future.