‘Out of control’ underage party in Skippack results in guilty pleas

NORRISTOWN — An “out of control” party attended by underage guests at a Skippack residence has landed the homeowner’s son under court supervision after the residence sustained thousands of dollars in damages.

Kristofer Michael Messner, 21, of the 1100 block of Scheer Way, was sentenced in Montgomery County Court on Thursday to six months of probation after he pleaded guilty to two summary charges of disorderly conduct in connection with the party he organized at his father’s home on July 26, 2012. Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy, who accepted a plea agreement in the case, also ordered Messner, who was 19 at the time of the party, to complete 96 hours of community service.

“It was a party that got out of control, there’s no doubt about that. Mr. Messner took responsibility for throwing the party at his father’s home without permission. There was thousands of dollars in damage done at that party and he admitted, essentially, that this wouldn’t have happened without him putting these things in motion,” said Assistant District Attorney Gabriel Magee, explaining the nature of Messner’s guilty plea. “The damage was extensive. This was a home that his father had just purchased.”

Magee said the arrest and prosecution can serve as a warning to other teens who might contemplate similar conduct.


“It’s a warning to other people out there that if you throw a party like this there are repercussions and Mr. Messner knows that now,” Magee said.

In the criminal complaint, state police at Skippack, who investigated the incident, said the damage to the Messner home included: vegetable oil and cooking spray on hardwood floors; several broken plates and wine glasses; various holes in the walls throughout the residence; a damaged water fountain; stains on the rear deck; a damaged railing; oil and paint tracked throughout the home; ketchup and mustard smeared in the basement; broken beer and vodka bottles and empty beer cans all over the house; vomit and blood spots in several areas; and broken glass in a shed located in the back yard.

State police said a private company, hired by Messner’s father to assess the structural damage to the home, estimated the damage at $61,888, according to the criminal complaint. Additionally, the total monetary loss of damaged personal property within the home was estimated at $47,790, according to the arrest affidavit.

Messner’s father told police that Messner did not have permission to be in the recently purchased house while he was away, according to court papers. Messner’s father, the victim, was in court and was in agreement with the outcome of the case, according to testimony.

Insurance covered some of the alleged damages, according to court papers.

Defense lawyer Hindi Kranzel said Messner has learned a lesson from the incident.

“He understands now that you are responsible for your behavior but also for the behavior of others when you invite them to your house. You have to be very cautious when you do that,” Kranzel said.

Court papers indicate six others who attended the party, ages 19 and 20 at the time, also were charged with criminal mischief-related offenses in connection with the damage to the Scheer Way home as well as to three neighboring residences, which sustained damage to outdoor mailboxes and lighting fixtures.

On Thursday, partygoer Eleanor Irene Kroh, now 21, of New Bloomfield, Perry County, pleaded guilty to a summary disorderly conduct charge, was sentenced to 90 days’ probation and six hours of community service in connection with damage to a mailbox at a neighboring home. Kroh also was ordered to pay $130 in restitution to the Scheer Way homeowner.

A summary offense is similar to a traffic violation. Under state laws regarding summary offenses, Messner and Kroh could clear their records after they complete their punishments and they remain arrest free for five years.

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