Evans Elementary students compete in their own Olympics

Mr. Grube's third grade class after finishing the mogul competition at Evans Elementary's Winter Olympics Festival Feb. 21. Photo by Christine Mawhinney Lark

The students at Evans Elementary School in Limerick participated in a Winter Olympics Festival on Friday, where the competition was fun and friendly.

During the Olympic Festival, the students participated in events such as modified moguls, skeleton, figure skating, curling, cross-country skiing, biathlon, ice hockey and slalom.

“This is a great event to show students why being active is important,” said Jody Polsz, Evans Elementary School Physical Education teacher. “These Olympic athletes show students that a healthy, active lifestyle is a wonderful thing. Additionally, we celebrate their dedication, drive and sportsmanship, which are all qualities we want to instill in our students, no matter what activity they are participating in.”

This was the second time Evans Elementary held a Winter Olympic Festival. The school holds them every four years, when there is a Winter Olympics.


“As a physical educator, I love the Olympics, and celebrating the efforts of the world’s elite athletes,” Polsz said. “As students watch the competition, they can see the glory that comes with winning, and also that the best athletes in the world sometimes fail.”

Since much of the competition is on after the students go to bed, they were given the opportunity to watch some of the Olympic Games during the Festival, while making their classroom gold medals.

Each of the specialist teachers at Evans Elementary played a part in the Winter Olympics Festival with the students.

Prior to the festival, the librarian had been teaching the students about the Olympics. The art teacher focused on the students’ creative side as she guided them through designing an Olympic medal based on the design of the Sochi medals. And the music teacher focused on the musical side, as she encouraged students to physically interpret the music during the figure skating portion of the Festival.

“Of course, for me it’s exciting because it gives the students another opportunity to be physically active, and to feel a part of the Winter Olympic Games,” said Polsz. “Who knows? When students are introduced to some of these events, it may inspire them to take it a step further and pursue a new sport.”

To conclude the fun-filled day of activities, teachers handed out the gold medals to each student in a school-wide assembly. The rest of the assembly included Olympic highlights from the day and pictures that were taken so the students could see themselves and their classmates enjoying the Olympic winter games.