UPDATED: Roof of truck carrying salt collapses, closes Airport Road in Limerick

This trailer broke in half while traveling down Airport Road in Limerick Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014. The trailer was carrying pallets of Morton solar salt on it to be delivered locally. (Photo by Kevin Hoffman/The Mercury)

LIMERICK — Airport Road was closed for several hours after the roof of a tractor-trailer collapsed while it was hauling salt to Buckman’s Inc.

According to the driver, he was making a wide right turn from Ride Pike onto Airport Road when he heard a boom.

“I thought I had hit a pole,” the driver said on the scene. He was not injured in the collapse but when he looked in his mirrors, he saw a bulge in the trailer.

The roof of the trailer collapsed and it began to fold in on itself. The weight of the sunken roof and the partially collapsed sides pushed the middle of the trailer down until it touched the road. Wood paneling on the inside of the trailer was visible from the outside. The rear tires were lifted off the ground.


The driver said he was hauling bags of rock salt to Buckman’s Inc. which is located at 105 Airport Road. Another truck was sent up the road to help unload the salt.

Limerick Police Chief Bill Albany said his investigating officers are collaborating with the Pennsylvania State Police in Philadelphia to inspect the truck and any possible cause of the collapse.

Albany said there was rust on the frame but police are conducting a full inspection.

The tractor-trailer did not hit any other cars and was removed from the road around 10:45 a.m., police said.

The trailer is owned by West Motor Freight and a call to the Boyertown office has not been returned.


LIMERICK — The roof of a trailer carrying salt for Buckmans ski center collapsed as it was driving on Airport Road in the township Wednesday morning.

No one was injured in the incident.

Old Airport Road was closed near Ridge Pike for several hours while the scene was cleared.

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