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‘Good timing' leads to new business for Phoenixville mechanic

By Michilea Patterson,

Monday, March 3, 2014

PHOENIXVILLE — Larry Oscar of Larry’s Automotive Repair in Phoenixville said good timing is the reason for his entrance into the movie business, which includes “Lovely Bones.”

“I was at the right place at the right time,” Oscar said.

He said it all started with the 2008 sci-fi thriller “The Happening,” which was directed by Philadelphia native M. Night Shyamalan.

“The movie was filmed at the G Lodge, which is next to my shop,” he said.

Property master James Mazzola told Oscar some of their cars for the film didn’t work and asked if he (Oscar) could help out. He also said after doing so, Mazzola suggested he make it his business to provide cars to the film industry.

So ever since that epic moment, Oscar along with his partner Robert Brittain, have been providing cars to movie and television productions.

After “The Happening,” Oscar took part in the novel turned film “Lovely Bones” directed by Peter Jackson.

“Every vehicle in that movie was supplied by me and my partner,” he said.

He said the 1966 Mustang convertible used in the film actually belonged to one of his customers and he did a quick restoration to make it look brand new. Oscar and his partner have also supplied vehicles for the second and third edition of “Transformers,” “Paranoia,” “Dead Man Down,” and a TV show called “Do No Harm” that was cancelled soon after its premiere.

Oscar’s film car venture has saved several movie productions time and money, he said. He said they are the first local Philadelphia area place which such a business.

“They used to have to ship the cars from New York,” he said.

Oscar said now when film companies come in to the area, they are the guys who supply the cars. He also said every project and preparation time is different. Oscar said he only had about three weeks to prepare all the cars for “Lovely Bones.”

“It depends on the movie and the budget for how long it takes to prepare,” he said.

Oscar said he is happy he added providing movie cars to his business — and it all started with a suggestion from a film property master. He said he is hoping to get some new projects for this upcoming year.

“It’s fun doing it,” he said.