THE YANKEE CHEF: This cake spreads some sweetness |Jan 18, 2017

One taste of that deliciously creamy spread — Nutella — and I was hooked. It wasn’t long before I made one of the best coffee cake-like desserts using this hazelnut spread. This recipe is a sugar cookie dough with an additional egg.

Have a tea party: January is National Hot Tea Month |Jan 18, 2017

Debbie Heth smiled and chatted as she poured Earl Grey à la crème from a green teapot in a cozy room decorated with royal photos.

NUTRITION: Turmeric should take root in our diets |Jan 17, 2017

Every year a new superfood emerges as the next must-have ingredient for good health. Such nutritional powerhouses as kale, quinoa and acai build in popularity until it seems like these once exotic ingredients become household names, found in many mainstream restaurant menus.

THE BREWHOLDER: Karamoor Estate teams up with Goose Island for farmhouse style beer |Jan 11, 2017

Collaboration brews — when 2 or more breweries work together to brew a single beer — have become more and more common over the past decade. What is less common is when a winery and a brewery come together to create a beer; but that is exactly what happened recently when Chicago-based Goose Island Beer Co.

Creativity, celebrity tips and more at the Philly Home Show |Jan 11, 2017

What’s your home improvement resolution this year?

THE YANKEE CHEF: Gluten-free cake is a ‘chocolaty delight’ |Jan 11, 2017

This is a ‘Yanked’ recipe because I have cut the amount of fat and sugar as well as creating a gluten-free cake that is exceptional, moist and delicious. Honestly, you will not be able to taste or feel the lack of gluten in this chocolaty delight.

the table: ERIE, Pennsylvania – the ‘Gem City’ |Jan 10, 2017

Across the state in the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania lies Erie. This city has gained the title of the “Gem City” because of the sparkling waters of its coastline on Lake Erie. It is the fourth largest city in Pennsylvania after Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Allentown.

THE YANKEE CHEF: A cake that speaks of childhood memories |Jan 4, 2017

Anyone remember the children’s show “Doodle Bops”? My children loved it! So this cake is now a standard in my home not only in title but because the flavor is reminiscent of a snickerdoodle cookie as well — which every child loves.

Photos: New Year’s Day Ski Freeze in West Norriton |Jan 3, 2017

WEST NORRITON >> The Port Indian Ski Club’s hosted its 37th annual Ski Freeze Sunday on the Schuylkill River in Jeffersonville. The event dates back to the late ’70s, and tis year, for the first time, the club hooked up with the triathlon club French Creek Racers for a polar swim, plunge and 5K run.

FOOD EVENT: PBS cooking show — America’s Test Kitchen— brings special event to WHYY Philly |Jan 3, 2017

Making last-minute substitutions in the kitchen can be a high stakes gamble.

the table: BANNACK, MONTANA — NOW & THEN |Dec 31, 2016

Let me tell you how I first heard about Bannack, Montana. While surfing the TV with the remote (over 200 channels and still it seems there is not much to watch). I saw my name “BANJACK” flash across the screen.

THE TABLE: Winter brings holiday celebrations! |Dec 31, 2016

It is that time of the year when most of us are busy getting ready for the holidays. 92% of the population of United States celebrates the birth of Jesus and Christmas during December. The Bible does not tell us what time of the year he was born.

The table: Beautiful SAMOA ... Where the New Year begins |Dec 31, 2016

Well 2017 has arrived – Wishing you a good and prosperous New Year!

THAT’S A WRAP: Wonton wrappers make easy New Year’s apps |Dec 28, 2016

When Christy Denney thinks of wonton wrappers, one word comes to mind: possibilities.

NUTRITION: Resolve for a healthy workplace makeover in 2017 |Dec 27, 2016

Now that 2017 is nearly here, many have started thinking about New Year’s resolutions. While we’re often well-intentioned during this time of self-reflection and goal-setting, very few of those who make resolutions will actually reach their goal in the new year.

the table: Christmas around Europe |Dec 25, 2016

Christmas traditions of these five European countries being featured are mostly from the old school. Today, many of these same countries are catching-up with more modern celebrations. Forty five days is the usual span of the Winter Holiday Season throughout Europe and around the world.

International fitness calendar features Pottstown area No Excuse Moms |Dec 22, 2016

POTTSTOWN >> A group of local moms showed just how confident they are with their bodies when they posed for a worldwide calendar for fit parents.

Photos: Living Nativity at Sacred Heart Church, Bridgeport |Dec 22, 2016

BRIDGEPORT >> Sacred Heart Church presented its annual living Nativity Wednesday evening ― inside the church building, so participants and guests were not exposed to the frigid temperatures outside.

’Tis the season for bubbly drinks |Dec 21, 2016

This holiday season, wow guests with festive, bubbly drinks that are sure to please. Whether you’re hosting brunch, cocktails or dinner, local experts have you covered, starting with a Champagne Mojito.

THE YANKEE CHEF: Two holiday hot toddies to enjoy |Dec 21, 2016

Sip on these on a cold winter’s night.

FAITH: Reflections on the Season of Waiting |Dec 19, 2016

What are you waiting for? How many times are we asked this question at this time of year? What are you waiting for? Cookies to be baked? Candles to be lit? Gifts to be wrapped? Cards to be sent?

FOOD: Go ape for monkey bread |Dec 14, 2016

Editor’s note: Scroll down for the classic brioche, caramel drizzle glaze and Monkey Dunkey Bread recipes.

In her latest PBS special, Lidia Bastianich explores the lives of American veterans |Dec 14, 2016

In her latest one-hour PBS special, Chef Lidia Bastianich demonstrates that it doesn’t have to be Veterans’ Day or Memorial Day to honor members of the American armed services — any holiday will do.

THE YANKEE CHEF: Want to make a Christmas Puff? This recipe will help |Dec 13, 2016

Yes, I do realize the both puff pastries and eclairs are one and the same, but many differentiate them by how they are ultimately formed and baked. That is why I am giving you a foolproof recipe that can be used for the classic eclairs as we know them and a special Christmas Puff to enjoy while family and friends can be there to see you gloat over a perfectly soft and crispy treat.

Nothing says the holidays like ugly sweaters |Dec 12, 2016

Outside a tiny storefront on Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank, Calif., Chealy Jean is picking through a few rolling racks of holiday sweaters for something “retro funky” to wear to a work party.

Frozen! Chefs’ freezers ... revealed |Dec 6, 2016

This holiday season, save yourself some hassle and put your freezer to work. Need inspiration? Area chefs share a glimpse inside their iceboxes.

THE YANKEE CHEF: A cheesecake pie full of holiday flavors |Dec 6, 2016

Yes, I have taken a shortcut here with the use of prepared whipped topping. Does anyone object to spending less time in the kitchen and more time with family during Christmas? I agree!

Norristown residents treated to free Christmas trees |Dec 5, 2016

For Digital First Media NORRISTOWN >> Over one hundred families got a Christmas must-have crossed off their lists on Saturday afternoon.

Deer season underway in Chester County |Nov 29, 2016

Monday was the opening day of shotgun hunting season in Chester County. For Ken Gordon, founder of Gordons Sports Supply in Upper Uwchlan, it was an average day for his hunting and fishing business.

THE YANKEE CHEF: Crispy or fluffy, gingersnaps are sure to please |Nov 29, 2016

There are two different types of people. Those who love crispy, delicate gingersnaps, and those who love pillow soft, fluffy gingersnaps. Here are directions for both! If you want darker cookies, use light or dark brown sugar in place of granulated in cookie dough.

Sweet swap: Host an old-fashioned cookie exchange |Nov 29, 2016

Sitting at a table in the Downingtown Area Senior Center, Frances Delcontie and friends smiled as they shared sweet memories of Christmas cookie exchanges, beginning around 1956.

NUTRITION: Limit kids’ screen time to increase physical activity |Nov 29, 2016

Across the nation families are being encouraged to pursue a more active lifestyle.

THE YANKEE CHEF: Scottish apps with a Yankee twist |Nov 22, 2016

Served in Scottish Shortbread “cups,” these appetizers are sticky, salty-sweet and delicious, especially during the holidays. Shortbread has been around for many centuries, thought to have originated in Scotland as a specifically designed biscuit using yeast.

FOOD: New ways to remake Thanksgiving leftovers |Nov 22, 2016

Too much turkey? Mountains of mashed potatoes? Copious cranberry sauce? Area chefs share their favorite recipes for enjoying the best of what’s left.

Food: Let the good pies roll |Nov 21, 2016

You can call it Thanksgiving, but around here we know it as National Pie Day. And that means one thing: The pressure to produce the flakiest, butteriest crust and swoon-worthy filling is on. Gulp.

The Table: Soup’s on ­— Part 2 |Nov 20, 2016

So, tell me – did you try any of the soups from last week? Well, keep your stock pot on top of the stove – here are a few more to add to the collections. As we know soup is a very popular winter meal, it is both hearty and tasty.

Tea party, Santa and ‘Nutcracker’ ballet presented by Valley Forge Dance School |Nov 17, 2016

UPPER MERION>>Does Santa love to sip English breakfast tea while munching on delectable pastries?

Easy as ... slab pie! |Nov 16, 2016

Feeling overwhelmed this Thanksgiving? Simplify your dessert strategy with a slab pie. Baked in a rectangular pan, this fine finish can feed a crowd with less fuss.

THE YANKEE CHEF: A sweet treat that speaks of New England |Nov 16, 2016

A tremendously fall-flavored, New England treat that many have thought was a dessert of the past. But with a few delicious additions and substitutions, along with the best tasting caramel sauce you will ever have, this classic is transformed into a superb recipe whose stature among desserts should be elevated.

Art & Antiques by Dr. Lori: China Tips for your Thanksgiving Table |Nov 13, 2016

In the autumn of 1621, the Plymouth community and the Wampanoag Indians celebrated a harvest feast. A longstanding event in Native American culture, the harvest feast was also known as the Thanksgiving celebration.

Get fit with roller-skating and skateboarding |Nov 11, 2016

People looking for a fun fitness activity should get a set of wheels — of roller blades or on skateboards that is. Whether it’s at a skate park, roller rink or outdoors in general; skating and skateboarding is an activity that both kids and adults can enjoy while getting physical at the same time.

From Your Kitchen: Soups On – Part 1 |Nov 11, 2016

This week we have to go no further than your kitchen. With the season change and the weather getting nippy … soup comes to mind. Soup seems to be most popular during the colder months, though summer soups are enjoyed as well.

FROM THE GROUND UP: Chrysanthemums: flower of the month |Nov 10, 2016

In autumn, it’s the bright-colored trees that get top billing. No surprise there; it’s virtually impossible to not keep looking up at one brilliant tree or vista after another. And when the sun hits at just the right angle .

Crock stars!: Three slow-cooker recipes to try now |Nov 9, 2016

As the leaves change, do you crave comfort food like stew and chili, but feel too swamped to stand at the stove? Then these slow-cooker recipes are for you.

THE YANKEE CHEF: Surprise your diners with a holiday teaser |Nov 8, 2016

Want a first course that encompasses all the flavors that will be adorning you holiday table this year? From ham to poultry, this teaser is hearty and a great compliment to the classic Cordon Bleu as well as what you are preparing for family and friends.

THE TABLE: Harriton House — Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania |Nov 6, 2016

Not far from the hustle and bustle of downtown Bryn Mawr, PA on Philadelphia’s Main Line is the restored estate of Harriton House. The house was built in 1704 by Welsh Quaker, Rowland Ellis. The house and its outer buildings are a unique 18th Century stone complex.

OJR Elementary students get a taste of cross country running |Nov 3, 2016

WARWICK >> Hundreds of Owen J. Roberts School District elementary students sprinted from the starting line at they raced through Warwick County Park for an annual run.

Photos: Boo at the Zoo in Norristown |Oct 31, 2016

NORRISTOWN >> Elmwood Park Zoo’s monthlong Boo at the Zoo Halloween celebration continued Saturday with music, games, trick-or-treat stations, crafts and a costume contest. The festival ends Sunday, Oct.

Bewitched!: ‘Fangtastic,’ healthy Halloween meals |Oct 26, 2016

What’s scarier than a zombie, ghost or vampire? A hungry kid who wants to devour every piece of Halloween candy. So before the little goblins hit the streets, fill their bellies with a hauntingly healthy dinner they’ll love.

Election stress — it’s a real thing now |Oct 24, 2016

With this presidential race, one thing’s clear: There’s nothing united about the states we’re in.