Spay and Save: Pets of the week |Nov 25, 2015

Nina (dog) Nina is a two year old Bassett Hound/Bull Terrier Mix. She likes going for walks and visits to the dog park. Nina needs to be in a home with dogs larger than her and a cat free home. For more information on this sweet faced girl and the other dogs and cats we have available for adoption, please visit our website at www.

THE TABLE - Budapest, Hungary: Hot springs, underground cities, Hungarian cuisine |Nov 25, 2015

Budapest is the largest city in Hungary, which is located in Eastern Europe. Unification in 1873 joined three cities, Buda and Obuda on the west bank and Pest on the east bank of the Danube River, to become Budapest.

Phoenix Community Calendar Nov. 29 |Nov 24, 2015

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Phoenix Community Calendar Nov. 22 |Nov 18, 2015

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Spay and Save: Adoptable pets of the week |Nov 18, 2015

Kahlua (dog) Kahlua is a small and sweet four year old Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher weighing about eight pounds. She enjoys being by your side and following you through your daily routine. She loves a good back rub and will give out kisses on command.

THE TABLE - Plymouth, Massachusetts: No pie at Thanksgiving dinner! |Nov 18, 2015

When the Mayflower set sail to the new world its destination was Jamestown, Virginia. Due to storms and poor charts, the ship landed farther north on the Plymouth coast. The area became the first New England state and one of the oldest states in the country.

The Table: Doha, Oatar, a breathtaking city |Nov 12, 2015

Only slightly having heard of the country of Oatar on the Persian Gulf, but never of its capital city of Doha, it came to light while watching a television show called “House Hunters International.

Spay and Save: Adoptable pets of the week |Nov 12, 2015

Buddy (cat) Buddy is a wonderful five month old, DSH grey and white “catolescent” from the streets of Norristown. He has a very nice disposition and gets along great with other cats and dogs.

Phoenix Community Calendar Nov. 15 |Nov 11, 2015

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Hoover Financial Advisors meets Fall Funds for Food goal |Nov 11, 2015

Each year, Hoover Financial Advisors, PC, conducts a Fall Funds for Food campaign to benefit Chester County Food Bank. Last year, HFA set a goal to raise $10,000 and actually brought in $12,500. This year, the financial planning firm presented $15,000 to the local food bank.

Permission to be messy? |Nov 7, 2015

My name is Donna and I’m a bit of a neat freak. I could use some help.

THE TABLE: Lancaster County, PA |Nov 5, 2015

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is located in the south central part of the state. This area has gained the nickname of “the Garden Spot of America” and is also known as the “Pennsylvania Dutch County.

Spay and Save: Adoptable pets of the week |Nov 4, 2015

Roxy (dog) Roxy is looking for a new home because her previous owners lost their home. Roxy is a two year old Pit Bull who loves everyone she meets and children. She previously lived with a cat but needs to be the only dog in the home.

Phoenix Community Calendar Nov. 8 |Nov 4, 2015

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Best of the best Kennel Club of Philadelphia’s National Dog Show set for Nov. 14-15 |Nov 3, 2015

Xoloitzcuintli? For most of us, it would be a lot easier to just say “Mexican Hairless Dog.”

Perspective on Parenting: Telling children what friendship really means |Oct 31, 2015

Thomas Aquinas said: “There is nothing on this Earth more to be prized than true friendship.” One of my friends likes to say: “Girl time is good for the soul.”

THE TABLE - Pittsburgh, PA: A Renaissance City |Oct 29, 2015

Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania and is the county seat for Allegheny County. It can truly be called “a Renaissance City.”

Adoptable pets of the week |Oct 28, 2015

Princess and Tigger (cats) A DSH white/orange female and a DSH brown tabby male, Princess and Tigger are both mature cats that were abandoned at a Philadelphia shelter. They are great with other cats, calm and sweet, and love to sit in the sun and purr.

Phoenix Community Calendar Nov. 1 |Oct 28, 2015

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Elevated desks help take a stand for healthy living |Oct 24, 2015

More and more people are taking a stand for their health, literally. Standing workstations are becoming commonplace in the work environment, at schools and even in the home.

THE TABLE: |Oct 23, 2015

Nome, Alaska has very long and cold winters with very short summers. Because it is situated on the coast of the Bering Sea, the weather is less severe than that of the Alaskan interior.

Phoenix Community Calendar Oct. 25 |Oct 21, 2015

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Adoptable pets of the week |Oct 21, 2015

Max (dog) Max is a very fun loving, free spirited 1 and ½ year old dachshund/terrier mix. He usually loves everyone he meets and plays nicely with most dogs. Max loves children and kids. He loves his toys and going for walks and running in his foster moms fenced in back yard.

Dilworth’s Custom Design of Phoenixville creates chef’s kitchen for Food and Wine Festival |Oct 15, 2015

UPPER MERION >>The kitchen of choice by the producers of the Philadelphia Festival of Food, Wine and Spirits — at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia Oct. 16 through 18 — was none other than a Dilworth’s Custom Design original.

Spay and Save: Adoptable pets of the week |Oct 14, 2015

Oliver (dog) Oliver has not had an easy life so far, but you would never know that from his loving personality. He loves to be petted and rolls over for his favorite, a belly rub. Oliver is a sweet one and a half year old Terrier Mix who weighs 18 pounds.

Phoenix Community Calendar Oct. 18 |Oct 14, 2015

Phoenixville Public Library, 183 Second Avenue,, 610-933-3013 x132

THE TABLE: Vermont, the maple syrup state |Oct 14, 2015

Vermont >> is the only state in New England that does not border on the Atlantic Ocean. It is surrounded by New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York and Quebec City in Canada.

Phoenix Community Calendar Oct. 11 |Oct 7, 2015

Phoenixville Public Library, 183 Second Avenue,, 610-933-3013 x132

THE TABLE: Cuba, pronounced Coo-Ba, not Q-Ba |Oct 7, 2015

It has been more than 50 years since Fidel Castro rose to power in Cuba. This tropical island country is just 90 miles off the coast of Florida. The 11 million or so people that inhabit Cuba are the jewels of this island.

Spay and Save: Adoptable pets of the week |Oct 7, 2015

Buddy (dog) Buddy, a male Labrador Retriever Mix, just turned one, and the best present he could have would be a family of his own. He is a sweet boy who loves to go for walks or would make a good running companion.

Perspective on Parenting: How the Pope’s message helps parents |Oct 3, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely feeling the Francis Effect. Pope Francis’s recent visit to the U.S. had me spilling tears of joy, glued to the TV watching his every move and the crowd’s reaction to his presence.

West Chester’s Kathy Finegan honored by Operation Smile for volunteer work |Oct 3, 2015

Every time Kathy Finegan travels to a third-world country, she leaves behind smiles.

Phoenix Community Calendar Oct. 4 |Sep 30, 2015

Phoenixville Public Library, 183 Second Avenue,, 610-933-3013 x132

Arts & Antiques by Dr. Lori: Vintage Halloween Decorations |Sep 30, 2015

There are many types of Halloween decorations that are collectible and crafty. For the purists among us, you can decorate a pumpkin using everything from acrylic paint to glitter glue, featuring themes ranging from the scary Frankenstein monster to Casper the Friendly Ghost.

THE TABLE: San Francisco, where you can leave your heart |Sep 30, 2015

The song “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” is definitely so true; if you ever visited this northern California city, a little bit of you is still there. This city is known for so many things such as cable cars, the former Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, Chinatown, Haight-Ashbury, Fisherman’s Wharf, Painted Ladies, Nob Hill or driving down the Crooked Lane.

Spay and Save: Adoptable pets of the week |Sep 30, 2015

Max (dog) Max is a very fun loving, free spirited dachshund/terrier mix who is one-and-a-half. He usually loves everyone and plays nicely with most dogs. Max loves children. He loves his toys, going for walks and running in his foster mom’s fenced in back yard.

They wouldn’t miss seeing Pope Francis because ‘He is a rock star’ |Sep 27, 2015

PHILADELPHIA >> The visit by Pope Francis to Philadelphia is bringing people near and far together for at least the weekend.

Walk across Ben Franklin Bridge becomes draw for New Jersey residents |Sep 27, 2015

CAMDEN >> Making the pilgrimage to see the pope in Philadelphia meant many things to many people, and for those in New Jersey, a pilgrimage was undertaken in the literal sense.

Battleship New Jersey becomes temporary home to Pope Francis pilgrims |Sep 27, 2015

CAMDEN >> For the O’Neal family of Raleigh, N.C., the trip to see Pope Francis in Philadelphia was “an adventure beyond belief.”

Pope Francis cutout huge hit with traveler making trip to Philly |Sep 27, 2015

UPPER DARBY >> Pilgrims lined up in the 69th Street Transportation Center on Sunday not to board the Market-Frankford train but to have their photo taken with a cardboard cutout of Pope Francis.

Immigrants hope Pope Francis’ words can change thoughts |Sep 27, 2015

PHILADELPHIA >> Thousands of pilgrims flooded Independence Hall to hear Pope Francis speak about immigration Saturday.

FOLLOW LIVE: Pope Francis celebrates Mass on the Parkway |Sep 27, 2015

Pope Francis has begun Mass. You can follow along live with the most comprehensive coverage in the area by using #popedfm on Twitter or checking in above.

Travelers describe experience seeing Pope Francis |Sep 27, 2015

PHILADELPHIA >> The faithful traveled from as far as Argentina and as near as Lansdowne on Sunday to celebrate Mass with a pope who many feel brings a message of humility, redemption and hope.

Volunteers share experiences helping faithful during Pope Francis’ visit |Sep 27, 2015

PHILADELPHIA >> The spirit on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway was infectious.

Column: For this Catholic, seeing Pope Francis was surreal |Sep 27, 2015

PHILADELPHIA >> Standing in the middle of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, a few football fields away from the head of the Catholic Church, well, let’s just say it felt surreal.

Being handicapped made seeing Pope Francis a little tricky |Sep 27, 2015

PHILADELPHIA >> For the all the walking and standing crowds had to endure to catch a view of Pope Francis on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia for the papal Mass on Sunday, organizers had to scramble to accommodate those with disabilities.

Message of Pope Francis’ trip focuses on meaning of family |Sep 26, 2015

PHILADELPHIA >> Pope Francis’ historic visit to the U.S. this week was a way to spread the Catholic church’s message about family, according to those who helped put the visit together.

Crowds gather to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis in front of the Basilica |Sep 26, 2015

PHILADELPHIA >> There was plenty of brotherly love shown to Pope Francis upon his arrival to Philadelphia on Saturday morning.

Papal pilgrims arrive slowly but steadily at 69th Street Transportation Center |Sep 26, 2015

UPPER DARBY >> The 69th Street Transportation Center, one of the main transit sites for access to see the pope in Philadelphia, had a scant but steady stream of people before noon on Saturday.

Street merchants offering plenty of Pope Francis swag |Sep 26, 2015

PHILADELPHIA >> There’s no need to scope out an official Pope Francis store to score souvenirs of the papal visit to Philadelphia.