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Wawa offering customers rewards through new app

Program gives customers a ‘new way to Wawa’

By Kathleen Carey,

Friday, January 23, 2015

DELAWARE COUNTY >> Want a way to get something for free at Wawa?

Check out the company’s new mobile app and corresponding rewards program.

Since the summer, Wawa has been piloting a new app, which is now available for free through the App Store for Apple devices and through Google Play for Android phones.

Through purchasing a gift card and registering it onto the app, customers can gain one of three rewards every time they reach a $50 threshold, redeemable at any of its 680 stores.

Lisa Wollan, Wawa’s head of consumer insights and brand strategies, said the app was developed after a multitude of conversations with customers and associates, who provided the Middletown-based company with a resounding message.

“Reward me for all the things I do in your store,” she said they reported.

So, she said, Wawa responded in kind by designing a program that’s simple and straightforward.

The app has multiple functions.

First, a user must obtain a Wawa gift card to register. It also allows customers to pay for purchases through the app, which shows how much of a balance they have and how close they are to redeeming their next reward.

When they’ve reached the $50 mark, app users are offered to choose one of three items to pick based on their spending patterns.

“We’ll try to tailor those rewards towards what you are buying and what you’d like to buy,” Wollan said.

Dena Pizzutti, Wawa’s marketing manager, is part of the rewards team and said customers want variety in their rewards.

“They really wanted choice and we thought this was a great way to deliver that to them,” she said.

For one app user, the choice was among any size of coffee, fountain drink or Icee.

The $50 must be built up on the app or the rewards program by using a Wawa gift card. The gift card/account can be reloaded at the store or it can be linked to a credit card for automatic repayments.

“Some people just don’t want to think about it,” Wollan said.

The app also allows users to locate the nearest Wawa, check gasoline prices and check in on social media. Users can also check the nutritional information on their favorite items.

Users aren’t yet be able to order through the app, although Wawa officials say that might be a possibility in future generations.

The rewards program is also accessible by visiting, where the same redemption program is available as long as someone has a Wawa gift card to register.

On either the app or the online rewards program, users can register up to five gift cards on one account.

Wawa Public Relations Manager Lori Bruce said the idea of a program had been discussed for some time, but it was imperative that it met Wawa’s standards for its customers.

“For many years, we’ve looked at adding a reward programs and we’ve talked to a lot of people about it,” she said. “It (had) to be consistent ... We put together a meaningful program. We’re in it for the long-term. We’re looking forward to moving into this next phase of our relationship with our customers.”

Wollan agreed that the app is intended to sweeten their connection to customers.

“The idea is to really deepen and strengthen the relationship we already have with our customer, how to better understand, to better serve them so we can surprise and delight them with the things we like to do,” she said.

Simply put, Bruce summed it up, “It’s a fun, new, better way to Wawa.”