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Election results: Democrats turn the tables in Royersford Council

By Justin Finneran, Phoenixville Reporter Item

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In a massive shift, the Democratic candidates for Royersford Borough Council have won every seat – replacing an all Republican council, according to the unofficial vote count from Montgomery County voter services.
Leading the charge for the Dems was top vote-getter Matt Stehman, with 361 votes (14.72%), followed by Anil Dham with 356 votes (14.51%), David Stehman with 353votes (14.39%) and Shawnette Jones with 311 votes (12.68%).
Matt Stehman was active on the social media site Twitter (user name @MattStehman) during his campaign. On November 4 he posted:
“Knocked on the 4,557th and final door of our campaign to build a better #Royersford. Now the hard part: waiting. #vote tomorrow!”
Dham, who spoke with the Phoenix Reporter & Item a week before the election, is a first-time candidate with a background of campaigning for both the democratic and republican ticket. He stated that he wanted to “see a change in the status quo” in Royersford, and, should the unoffical count hold true, will have the opportunity to take up the issues he outlined as being important to him: get business into the empty storefront in Royersford, reduce speeding motorists and work on the imbalance of too many taxes versus too few services.
Leading the Republican vote was Bruce D. Buckwalter, Sr. (276 votes, 11.25%) followed by Paul Chrisman (271 votes, 11.05%), Charles J. Bowers (270 votes, 11.01%) and John S. Grispon (255 votes, 10.40%).