Sisters Abby and Sophie Bersheim pose with their favorite balloon from the Haunted Garden. Photo by J. Finneran
Lisa Yanak and her pal - Dr. Shivers. Photo by J. Finneran

EAGLEVILLE - What began in 2006 as a place for neighborhood kids to go for some Halloween fun has transformed into a spook-tacular fundraising source for a local library. The nearly two acre garden behind the home of Lisa Yanak and Angela Mullen, located at 38 Summit Avenue in Eagleville, welcomes people of all ages each Halloween to come and take a walk

through their haunted garden for free and see the vast display of over 25 cloth balloon figures from a vampire Tigger to a giant gothic gate and numerous animated mannequins including witches, mad scientists and skeletons.

A walk through the garden takes about twenty minutes, and when it gets dark the hosts provide flashlights for their guests.

Yanack and Mullen get more than kudos for their kindness, they also have volunteers come and help them give tours, such as Rachel Sullivan and Katherine McGrath. Sullivan is a former student of Yanaks, and she and her friend volunteer at the garden for community service for their church.


Yanak is the President of the Friends of the Lower Providence Library, and while she and Mullen began the haunted garden just for fun (they are both former teachers who invited students to the garden for story time) the garden became so popular that they opened it to the public. Soon enough, people began offering donations. Rather than keep the money for themselves, the duo decided to use the money to help support the library.

This past Halloween season they raised approximately $1,000 for the library from October 21-31, and estimate that they had just as many visitors come through for a fun experience.