Royersford, Upper Providence police talk man off roof

ROYERSFORD — A “team effort” from local police departments and paramedics successfully and safely brought a man down from the roof of his three-story home Wednesday night.

Around 7:05 p.m., police and emergency crews responded to a home on the 700 block of Church Street where the man threatened to jump from the roof, according to the Royersford Police’s Facebook page,

Royersford Police Officer Tom Godin, Upper Providence Officer William Parkins, and paramedic Dave York all went up to the roof to speak with the unidentified man.

“We were there for nearly 2½ hours on the roof talking with the man,” Godin said. “You can’t train enough for tis type of incident and I am not a negotiator.”


Godin, Parkins and York were assisted by crisis negotiators from Montgomery County Emergency Services as well as the Central Montgomery County SWAT team.

Limerick Police also responded to the scene as well as Friendship Ambulance and the Royersford Fire Department.

Admitting he’s not much for heights, Godin said what was important was helping out the man, who was eventually taken to Pottstown Memorial Medical Center.

“The man needed help and we were glad it turned out well,” Godin said.

Declining to say what they spoke about on the roof, Godin said he promised to visit the man as soon as he got out of the hospital.

“I intend to keep that promise,” Godin said. “We all have ups and downs in life and deal with them in our own way. This man will get the help he needs and that’s what’s important.”

Proud of Parkins and York and everyone who responded, Godin said acting chief Cpl. Thomas Nerlinger coordinated everything Wednesday.

“This was a 100 percent team effort all around,” Godin said.

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