Phoenixville hires new janitorial service for Borough Hall

PHOENIXVILLE — Borough council voted to approve a contract with a new janitorial service for the recently opened borough hall.

CleanNet U.S., out of Bala Cynwyd, will take over maintaining the building from CNS, which operates from several area offices.

The contract runs for a year at a rate of $39,464.

CNS cleaned the building from its opening and bid for the contract, actually coming in lowest, but Borough Manager Jean Krack classified CleanNet U.S. as the “lowest responsible bidder” due to “staff’s experience.”


“It had nothing to do with the individuals,” Krack said of CNS’ work. “It was strictly a matter of attention to detail. This is a new building and you have to pay attention to detail. That’s what we wanted and we didn’t see that in the timeframe they were here temporarily.”

Krack said the fact that the police department operates 24 hours a day out of the same building also means that the janitorial service contract had to be “sensitive to their operation.”

Earlier this year, bids were solicited for but had to be rejected after new information on the contract came in.

Since the new borough hall is approximately twice the size of the one at 140 Church St., Krack said janitorial fees did go up this year but did not elaborate on how much.

Councilwoman Jen Mayo brought up that there had been talk in the past of possibly hiring a full-time maintenance worker.

“We want to learn how this building is maintained and how it is done,” Krack said.

He said the single-year nature of the contract allows council to reassess and possibly create a position next year.

Council voted unanimously, 8-0, in favor of the contract.

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