Dr. Recess Makes Healthy Habits Fun

Dr. Hinson with Students Bryn Borzillo, Kasie Costalas, Akshay Patel and Zack Skrocki. Photo by Sara Mosqueda-Fernandez/The Communication Solutions Group

ROYERSFORD – Excited and eager students at Spring-Ford Area School District’s 5/6 Grade Center learned about recess games that promote healthy habits and an active lifestyle during a recent visit from a special guest.

Dr. Curt Hinson, who is well-known around the school as “Dr. Recess,” taught the thrill-seeking students eight new games that focus on keeping participants active while having fun. The games vary in the number of students needed, ranging from two to ten or more, and are part of Hinson’s Project PlayFit, a program created by Hinson and focused on health, fitness, nutrition, and developmentally appropriate play.

“Dr. Recess is a familiar face to many of our students, and it’s very encouraging to see them so excited about staying healthy,” said Heather Nuneviller, Principal of the 5/6 Grade Center. “Something that we’ve also noticed after visits from Hinson is that there is more cooperation between students, which carries over into the classroom.”

“The goal is to get kids active,” said Hinson, who has designed the games to be as inclusive as possible, and teaching the entire student body the new games encourages this. “When they get involved in the game, they have more fun, they get more exercise, and they improve their skills.”


His program focuses on improving the health and fitness levels of students in response to the concern that children today are more obese than those of previous generations. To encourage that these games are played after his two-day visit, Hinson also donated play equipment to the school as part of the presentation.

Nuneviller finds that beyond students engaged in active play, Hinson’s games also have other benefits.

“The students might see it as having fun, but I can also see that these are activities that teach them about teamwork, along with other social and thinking skills,” Nuneviller said. “Programs like these are welcome additions to the healthy environment we encourage.”

The above information was provided by The Communication Solutions Group on behalf of the Spring-Ford School District