Mother Goose to entertain children at Pennypacker Mills

Carol Spacht, aka “Mother Goose”, will be putting on a theatrical performace featuring fun and interactive nursery rhymes at Pennypacker Mills on September 28. (Image provided)
Carol Spacht, aka “Mother Goose”, will be putting on a theatrical performace featuring fun and interactive nursery rhymes at Pennypacker Mills on September 28. (Image provided)

On Sept. 28, Pennypacker Mills will host ‘Meet Mother Goose’, a special theatrical performance featuring the talents of Blue Bell resident Carol Spacht, who performs as historical characters (including Betsy Ross and Martha Washington) for thousands of people in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, and has a degree in theatre along with extensive experience performing for children.

From 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. Spacht will don the persona of the beloved Mother Goose as she performs numerous traditional nursery rhymes using props, puppets and her professional abilities of boosting the imaginative power of the audience.

“It will be very interactive and fun,” said Spacht. “I get to be as silly as I like to be… …these nursery rhymes are like Shakespeare for the kids. They get caught up in the sounds, the rhymes and the rhythm, and it is really fun for them.”

This program is intended for younger children, ages 3-5 years old, who – along with their accompanying family members – will get to share classic rhymes and stories through activities such as color and number rhymes. Spacht said that she can typically squeeze at least forty nursery rhymes into a performance, and while there are a few rhymes that the children will certainly know, the bulk of her performance’s content will be new discoveries for the attendees.


“Kids today do not know these old and wonderful nursery rhymes, except for perhaps Humpty Dumpty, Hickory Dickory Dock and Hey Diddle Diddle, and those I spread out. My goal is have the children recognize that these rhymes are fun and introduce them to a (theater-style) performance.”

Spacht sees having the historical site of Pennypacker Mills as the host as being a great way to add a layer of fun and authenticity to the program’s traditional ‘feel’.

“Having this event at a historical site is very cool. It is a part of our history that we do not normally get to explore.”

She added that having family members there with the children is important because parents often know the rhymes and can revisit them later with the children.

“They support it and become part of it, and that reinforces the rhymes and the language afterward. The children really get into it and come to realize the richness of the language. They get to look at history with fresh eyes.”

What will make the performance interactive is not only the singing and rhyming along, but also Spracht’s use of the props. She said that she will do things such as place a paper crown on a child’s head while telling a tale of a king and queen, all in a manner which lets the children engage with the traditional in a way that is not dry or outdated. She will also be bringing along her stuffed goose for children to pet, so participants are reminded to bring along their cameras to capture memories of the event.

This program will be held in the Classroom Building at Pennypacker Mills with plenty of free parking. Please call 610-287-9349 to preregister and prepay the $4.00 per child fee for this special program. Adult admission is free.

To find about more about Carol Spacht visit her website at

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