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TeamChildren helps Wakisha Charter school save computer lab

By Jessica McGowan , TeamChildren

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

AUDUBON — Helping Wakisha Charter school, end their divide-and transform the achievement gap; it is TeamChildren to the rescue.
When in need for new computers but not a lot of money to pay for them the Wakisha Charter School went to TeamChildren for 65 refurbished computers to keep their computer lab open this school year. The National Cristina Foundation assisted Vivian Sye-Payne, PTSA Coordinator for Wakisha Charter, in reaching out to TeamChildren earlier this summer.
“We finally did it,” Sye-Payne states, today the pallets of computer equipment were loaded for transportation to the school. TeamChildren knows the importance of technology for low income schools to be able to have their students use a computer. With the discounted price that TeamChildren offers all of Wakisha Charter’s 400 students will be able to use the high quality, low cost refurbished computers.
TeamChildren has a technology center of over 1,000 computers looking for new homes of economically challenged families, schools and organizations throughout the Delaware Valley. TeamChildren is dedicated to help those who want to have a computer get one. “We have needed these computers for so long,” Sye-Payne proclaimed, thanks to TeamChildren the students are Wakisha Charter will be able to use computers for this school year any many years to come. And equally important we now know were to direct them to receive a computer for their homes.
TeamChildren, an Audubon based nonprofit, is making a difference in the educational future of children. Its mission is to ensure every child has the tools and opportunities they need to contribute and compete effectively in today’s rapidly changing digital global environment. It aims to demonstrate the importance and effectiveness of its efforts and expand them throughout the region, the state and the nation.
TeamChildren has distributed over 11,000 high quality low cost refurbished computers reaching more than 50,000 children. Each computer comes loaded with extraordinary learning programs that will enable any one of any age expand intellectual abilities in the comfort of their homes at their own interest and pace.
The computers are all refurbished by teens and senior citizens that volunteer their time and expertise. TeamChildren is reaching out to local business to raise funds to help expand our efforts until we reach every child.
For more information, contact Jessica McGowan by email ( or phone (610)666-1795 or visit our website