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Retiring Chief Sherid honored by Upper Providence

By Justin Finneran, Phoenixville Reporter Item

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It was standing room only in the main hall of the Upper Providence Township Municipal Building on Monday, August 19, as the Upper Providence Board of Supervisors opened their meeting by paying tribute to the township’s Chief of Police Donald H. Sherid. Sherid, who has served the community for 43 years as a member of law enforcement, will step down from the department on September 3.
Board of Supervisors Chairman Philip A. Barker began the meeting by saying, “I really appreciate the time that you have put in Don, you have been great to work with in the twelve years I have sat here on the board.”
Barker then read from a document of collected remarks on Sherid’s service:
“We are pleased to night to recognize Police Chief Donald H. Sherid for (43) years of dedicated service to Upper Providence Township. Don is one of those individuals who is becoming increasingly rare in today’s world. He was born and raised in the township, is a product of the Spring-Ford school system, and chose to stay in and serve his community for his entire career… …Don has pretty much seen it all - the good, the bad and the ugly – including train wrecks and at least one DUI canoeist… …Don, we wish you and (your wife) Wendy all the best in the future. Please don’t be a stranger. We hope to see you siting in the back row of the room asking the same tough questions you have responded to so many times in the past.”
In his time with the department, Sherid served as a patrol officer, a K-9 officer, a detective and the police chief. He was first hired as patrolman on Oct. 1, 1970, and was appointed as police chief on Aug. 5, 1991. When Sherid first joined the department, he was the third member of a three-man police force, and he retires as the chief of a department with 25 sworn officers and two civilian employees.
Sherid was presented with a few tokens of esteem from the board, including a copy of Resolution 2013-29, which recognized his 43 years of dedicated professionalism, as well as a $500 donation to The Seeing Eye, an organization that connects seeing eye dogs with the visually impaired, it is an organization which his wife is actively involved with.
Following the meeting, Sherid shared with The Phoenix Reporter & Item the following thoughts on his time in the township:
“I think the most important thing is having a connection to the area you grow up in. When you look back and see the progression of the township and the expansion of everything, and you know the history of how far it has come, well, you hope that you made things better for people and safer for people and that you helped people along the way.”
Sherid said next up for him will be some part-time work, as well as helping his wife with her fundraising efforts on behalf of The Seeing Eye.
“(The Seeing Eye) is very meaningful for both of us, and I will help her do fundraising and go with her when she does her public speaking.”
Also, of course, he chiefly intends to take it easy.
“There will some little vacations here and there… …I just plan on relaxing.”