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Sublime Cupcakes to open Collegeville shop

By Christine Mawhinney Lark, For 21st Century Media

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A tasty new treat is coming to Collegeville this September, as Sublime Cupcakes is slated to open a store at the Providence Town Shopping Center. This will be the third location for Sublime owner Laurie Rochotte, who has been very busy since starting her business three years ago.
“I started Sublime Cupcakes in 2010 when I opened my Wyomissing store on November 26, which was Black Friday,” Rochotte said. “Previously I had been a home baker, and I’ve never been formally trained. I simply decided to take a hobby of mine and give a small storefront a try.”
That small storefront started off with a bang, and kept growing.
“We opened to a long line of customers waiting, and sold out of all our cupcakes in a little over an hour,” Rochotte said. “I quickly realized I would need to hire a staff, and wouldn’t be able to run the shop with just a little help from friends and family.”
Rochotte definitely needed a staff as she realized a second location would be a great idea. She opened the second shop in Lititz, Lancaster County, in February of 2012. This coincided with the Valentine’s Day holiday, which is one of Sublime Cupcakes busiest days.
With business going well at both locations Rochotte considered the idea of a third store.
“I decided about a year ago that I would like my third shop to be towards Philadelphia, and looked at a few different areas,” Rochotte said. “I have always liked the Collegeville area and was already familiar with Providence Town Center. I think it’s the perfect spot for what will be our flagship store.”
This new store in Collegeville is almost three times the size of the other two locations and will have indoor seating for 18 customers. Rochotte is hoping that it will be a great place to bring the family or meet up with friends and linger over a sweet treat.
“What sets Sublime Cupcakes apart from others is our commitment to bake fresh every day, and use the best ingredients available,” Rochette said. “We use artisan vanillas, top quality chocolate, and puree fruits for flavoring. We don’t use preservatives in our cupcakes, therefore we bake them fresh every day.”
Sublime Cupcakes can be transferred into an airtight container after purchasing, and will stay fresh for 2 to 3 days.
Sublime Cupcakes offers many different fresh flavors every day such as: Red Velvet, S’mores, Peanut Butter Cup, Banana Pecan and a classic vanilla, so there really is something for everyone. They also offer mini cupcakes which Rochette said are perfectly portioned, allowing people to try more than one flavor. She added that the minis are great for parties, office meetings and are just the right size for kids.
Rochotte enjoys sharing the rewards of her business with the local community.
“I also believe in supporting the communities around my shops as much as possible, and always try to keep our donations local,” Rochotte said. “Last year we donated over $3000 in gift certificates and products to local groups and charities. We also donate our remaining cupcakes at the end of the day to nonprofit organizations to help feed those in need.”
Keep an eye on the Sublime Cupcake’s Collegeville location Facebook page to learn the confirmed opening date as soon as it is announced: