Spring-Ford administrators receive raises, bonuses

LIMERICK — In their last meeting of the summer, June 24, the Spring-Ford Area School Board approved some raises and bonuses for administrators in the school district.

Superintendent David Goodin, who will enter his third year with the district in the fall, was approved for a raise from approximately $168,000 to $175,032.

“This is representative of the work of the superintendent, it should be reflected in his salary,” said board member Bernard Pettit before adding that Goodin’s salary remains “significantly less” than Marsha Hurda’s, the last superintendent, when she left the district.

Hurda’s salary was approximately $186,000.


“I think he’s been instrumental in helping this board and the administrators moving forward,” Board President Tom DiBello said of Goodin.

DiBello also said Goodin “should be commended for working with us...in these tough economic times,” earning a lower salary than he might attract with other schools.

In addition to Goodin, the school board also approved bonuses for 8th Grade Center Principal Michael Siggins and Mitchell Edmunds, principal of both Limerick Elementary and Spring City Elementary schools.

Siggins captained the 8th Grade Center to a National Blue Ribbon award which was announced last fall.

“I’ve seen how this district has changed and Mr. Siggins’ leadership at the 8th Grade Center to bring it up to where it is was really unbelievable what he did, and the people behind him, not only him,” Ciresi said. “Mike turned that 8th Grade Center completely around from where we were, did an outstanding job and (in close) close to 60 years Spring-Ford has been here, the district has never recieved a national award and put us on this national caliber.”

Ciresi said he was proud to support giving Siggins the bonus of $5,000.

Edmunds ran both elementary schools since the retirement of Leslie Morrill following the 2010-11 school year.

He’ll receive a $1,500 bonus.

All motions were unanimous.

The board also finalized the budget for 2013-14 in that meeting.

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