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Powerlifter Grohoski is among elite

By Barry Sankey, Phoenixville Reporter Item

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

PHOENIXVILLE - A local man is ranked among the best in the world in his field, which happens to be all phases of weightlifting.
That includes powerlifting as well as bench, dead lift and squat for Phoenixville resident Pete Grohoski, who will turn 43 years old in August.
At a time in his life when most athletes are on the downswing, Grohoski has managed to continue to elevate his performances and has done so without enhancing drug usage.
Grohoski recently placed second and earned a silver medal during the 13th IPF Masters Bench Press World Championship at Prague in the Czech Republic on April 20, 2013. He scored highly with a lift of 556 pounds.
“His strength has been increasing for the last three years when most people are decreasing,” said Lori Davidson.
Grohoski began lifting as a teenage athlete in bodybuilding. But at that time he struggled with diet limitations so he gave powerlifting a try.
“He really loved lifting,” said Davidson. “If you saw the sport, it is not big in the United States. But it is really big over in Europe.”
Grohoski is part of the USAPL Federation that prides itself on being drug free. He was also a member of the 2012 World Team.
“What is unique is that he is not just a bench specialist,” said Davidson. “He is a three-way lifter with bench, dead lift and squat, and he can do all three of them very well.”
Grohoski is also the father of two boys, Mitchell, who will turn 17 years old in July; and Mason, 14. They are students who attend classes in the Boyertown Area School District.
Grohoski expresses his weightlifting philosophy while writing training articles that help him solicit sponsorships.
Grohoski is sponsored by The GYM and Tan Line Studio in Troooper, ATP Extreme, TITAN Support Systems and the Iron Authority.