‘Duck Dynasty' filming commercial at Barkley Elementary

Barkley Elementary School during filming of Duck Dynasty commercials.
Barkley Elementary School during filming of Duck Dynasty commercials.

PHOENIXVILLE — Local residents watching A&E may recognize a building used in some “Duck Dynasty” commercials running this fall.

A local production studio is in the process of filming four 20-second commercials at Barkley Elementary School for the show, which is a reality series profiling the people who run a family duck call business, to be aired during the new season.

“They basically liked the look of Barkley because it’s a classic, but in really good condition,” said Phoenixville Area School District spokeswoman Sandy Claus said of the TV show without confirming which show it was. “It had the character of an old building.”

The school district confirmed at a public meeting that Duck Dynasty was filming the commercials but the production company wanted to keep it a secret that they were filming this week. Other sites were reportedly looked at but Barkley was ultimately chosen.


“Outside, (the other locations) looked good but when they got on the inside it hadn’t been kept up,” Claus said, prompting the decision to shoot at Barkley.

Crews have been working in the building since Monday.

The stars of the show are reportedly not part of filming. A fake sign was constructed outside of the school bearing a “Duck Dynasty” logo.

“An elaborate set” was constructed in the school’s auditorium, according to a district release.

Since the school district’s summer programs are not up and running fully, the crews shooting the commercials really weren’t disrupting anything in the district and have been “very accommodating.” Plus, they’re paying rental fees for using the buildings, Claus said.

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