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Letter to the Editor - “North Side Blues”

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Living on the North Side for almost 30 years things are changing rapidly, hopefully for the best, but our unique neighborhoods are sill intact. We (North Side) now have more housing, nine tax payers, and yes a lot more traffic. Does anyone remember the shortcut from Rt. 724 along High Street to Rt. 113 or Franklin St. over the Gay St. Bridge and into town?
Now, High Street is a speedway with speedhumps to slow traffic, but we still have excessive speeding by all. The children, elderly, and handicapped have to be on the lookout all the time, not to mention minors being knocked off vehicles everyday.
The North Side has always been forgotten when it comes to snow removal, and leaf collection but we survive. Our North Side clubs and firehouse memberships are declining, hopefully that will change in the future.
The North Side has added a sports field along Morrow Rd. We also have a dog park, barber shop, two car repair shops, a business park, quarter-midget track, the PMYC organization; a place to (put) boats in the water, and a place to walk along the water on Rt. 113.
The North Side has everything you need. So, if you get a chance, take a ride over the Gay St. Bridge, and see how beautiful the North Side really is.
I represented the North Side as Council President and was very proud of that. The different cultures are truly an asset to what is a very important place in Phoenixville,
“The North Side”
Bradford Thomas Weidner
Former President of Phoenixville Borough Council