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Cardinals win PBRL first third

By Phoenix Staff

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PHOENIXVILLE - The Cardinals captured the first third of the 2013 Phoenixville Babe Ruth League schedule with a 4-0-1 record.
They were followed by the Indians at 2-2-1, Athletics 2-3, Braves 2-3, Orioles 2-3 and Red Sox 2-3.
Highlights so far included Derrik Bell’s complete game for the Indians on April 20. John Miller, a 13-year-old, hurled a complete game for the Indians on April 21. Bell pitched another complete game for the Indians on April 27 and also spoiled a squeeze play the Red Sox.
Chance DiFebbo of the Red Sox and Kevin Cushing of the Athletics each pitched a complete game on April 28. The game went scoreless after six innings and lasted only 1 hour and 23 minutes.
On April 30, there were home runs by the Braves’ Shane Muntz, a three-run blast; and the Red Sox’ Will Slover.
The Cardinals’ May 1 win gave the team the championship for the first third. There was no need to complete the suspended game against the Indians.
Final scores were as follows: Orioles 7, Indians 2; Cakrdinals 8, Red Sox 6; Braves 11, Athletics 7; Cardinals 5, Athletics 2; Indians 4, Braves 2; Red Sox 10, Orioles 5; Orioles 8, Athletics 5; Cardinals 5, Braves 4; Indians 5, Red Sox 4; Cardinals 8, Indians 8 (suspended); Athletics 2, Red Sox 1; Braves 14, Orioles 9; Red Sox 4, Braves 3; Athletics 11, Indians 7; and Cardinals 6, Orioles 2.